Doosri Maa 3rd October 2022 Written Episode Update: Yashoda gets a clue

Doosri Maa 3rd October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yashoda coming to the hospital and asking the wardboy if he remembers. He says he don’t remember anything. Yashoda comes to a patient. Doctor briefs Yashoda about the patient. The Patient tells Yashoda that she had fallen down from the stairs. Yashoda asks her to tell the truth, and asks her if she wants to make her husband better or wants to put him in trouble. The patient lady tells that her husband loves someone else and beats her when she talks against his affair. Yashoda says she will file Police complaint. The lady says if something happens to me then how he will take care of kids alone. Nurse comes there and greets Yashoda. She asks her about Krishna. Yashoda asks do you know her? Nurse says she was attending mala when she was admitted in the hospital, and she knew that she will not survive. She says if that day call had went through, then Krishna wouldn’t have been alone today. Yashoda asks the patient to take care and go to enquire about the call which Mala made on that day.

Manoj appreciates Ashok for getting justice for a boy. Ashok says he fought for stranger boy, but not for his own son. Yashoda calls him and tells that they got number of Mala’s lover number. She says it was landline number, and asks him to come with her. Ashok says he is busy with client and asks her to come home. She comes home and calls on that number. Yashoda goes as Amma calls her. A lady picks the call and asks who is on line ? Ashok tells Manoj that if not me, then whom she has called. He then recalls and says Mrs. Shrivastav. Manoj says she might have told her, and asks him to find out if she is alive or dead. He says if she is alive then you have to lie all life. Ashok says he don’t want to lie to Yashoda. He says Mrs. Shrivastav used to love Mala as her own daughter and asks if she will help us. Manoj says you have to lie forever for your love and marriage.

Nandu asks Krishna to have food quietly. Krishna says my mother taught me never to bear wrong. Nandu asks him to have biscuit. Krishna asks him not to eat the stolen biscuit. Nandu says it had come in my dream since I saw it. Krishna says then forget my friendship. Nandu throws the biscuit. Krishna says you will have it later when we complain about Lalita. Nandu says I will be beaten up and refuses to be his friend and go.

Babuji blames Arvind for staying at home and cooking in kitchen, closing the shop. Arvind says today all shops are closed. He teases him. Babu ji goes. Kamini comes there and tells that she had clipped Sonu’s nose, but still he got the smell of sabudana pakoda smell. She tells that cylinder is finished. Mahua asks Amma how the cylinder gets finished when not in use. She asks Kamini if jija ji don’t like to have food made by her. Kamini asks for cylinder. Sonu comes and says Papa is asking you to bring food. The kids tell that Bua came to get cylinder. Yashoda gives her food and she goes.

Lalita tells the kids about the inspection in the orphanage by the govt officials. She threatens Krishna not to do anything wrong, else it will be last day of his life. She asks if everyone understood.

Aastha and Nupur talk about the stars in the sky. Yashoda hears them talking why chand, suraj and tara are all boys. Yashoda says Chand has chandini, Suraj has kiran, and Taare has Chamak. She says they are all girls and asks them not to think that they should have been a boy. She makes them drink milk and laugh. She clicks her daughters’ pic, and finds the call history received. She makes a call to Mrs. Jennifer Shrivastav and note down the details.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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