Doosri Maa 4th November 2022 Written Episode Update: The eye witness lies in court

Doosri Maa 4th November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yashoda telling Nupur that they have to take Rabbit to such a place where Cat couldn’t catch it. Aastha says where we will get such a place. Nupur says if we don’t find then shall bring it home. Yashoda says no, it can’t be brought home, we have to search a place for it. Kamini asks Bansal where is he going? Bansal scolds her and asks her to ask his father to make Sonu as the heir of his wealth. Kamini thinks she has to do something to get all the wealth. She thinks to do something.

Ashok comes home late. Yashoda says she will serve him food. He says he had it already and asks what happened? Yashoda tells that Gayatri has refused to adopt Krishna. He says I thought. Yashoda says why so many hurdles coming in my way, though my intentions are good. She says Amma and Babu ji don’t want me to interfere in Krishna’s matter, Kamini doubts me and Krishna’s relation, and tells that she just wants to see happiness on Krishna’s face, that day she will tell Mala that she was betrayed and left from this world, but I didn’t betray her. She says we become toys of destiny after some point. She tells Ashok that Nupur asked us to bring Krishna home. Ashok says don’t think about this. Yashoda says I can’t bring him home, says I love Krishna, but I love my family, you and my daughters more. She says I did what I could do for him. She asks will you take me to meet Krishna. He asks in the night. She says I will ask him not to have any hopes from me, he has to stay in orphanage only, has to stay like other orphans, he has no homes in his destiny. Ashok asks her to handle himself. He says you did what you could do with honesty. He says we can’t fight with destiny. He says a mother has to be hopeful always, even if the child is ours or not. He says miracle do happens, we don’t know where he will go. Yashoda asks what happened? Ashok says I have promised Judge that a couple is adopting Krishna, don’t know what to tell him.

Next day in court. The eye witness Chandan Kumar comes to court. Ashok asks Chandan if he is not scared to give statement. Chandan says he is a good citizen and asks him to say. The eye witness tells that Krishna had pushed Chotu. Inspector smiles. Yashoda asks if you are not ashamed to lie. Ashok asks Chandan again. Chandan says Krishna pushed him and made him fall. Ashok asks Judge to give him sometime. Manoj thinks Lalita takes her to his side, but how.

Chandan comes to Lalita and takes money from her. Bansal comes there and appreciates Lalita.He asks her to give him money. Lalita gives him money. He counts the money. Lalita asks how did you know about this. Bansal recalls hearing Ashok talking to Yashoda about eye witness. Lalita asks him to say. Bansal says he will tell her in next meet.

Ashok and yashoda are worried. Yashoda says Gayatri refused. Manoj says he will convince her. Yashoda says don’t try. Ashok says Krishna’s crime is proved. Yashoda says if Krishna will be sent to orphanage. Ashok says there is no option. Yashoda recalls Bablu’s threatening words, and Constable’s words. She thinks she can’t accept defeat, as it is the matter of Krishna’s life.

Precap: Yashoda brings Krishna home. Babuji and Amma refuse to accept Krishna in their house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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