Swethlana : So smart officer , You got all information about me

Kabir ; Listen I am not here to hear your loose talks. Confess your crimes. Else we know how to bring truth from you.

Swethlana ; Officer , better you find the real me .

Jhanvi : She won’t tell truth this way.

Jhanvi took the pistol in her hand

Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna: Pooja shoots Kabir to death

Jhanvi : If you don’t tell the truth then the bullet will pierce your forehead .

Swethlana : You only got the clue , but main task is still incomplete.

Omkara : What do you mean ?

Swethlana : The one who committed the murder hasn’t been caught yet .

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Omkara : We need him at any cost .

Swethlana : Then you have to marry me , Officer. He can’t tolerate instead of choosing him If I stands close with any other man.

Omkara : I am ready . But if we won’t get him then remember you will face the worst.

Swethlana : Swethlana never breaks her promise , you can trust me .

Kabir : So Swethlana is your real name ?

Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna: Kabir verses Pooja's clash of words

Swethlana : You can enquire about my background and find why I became Aliya and Sameera .

Jhanvi : You are so cunning. A clueless person, but we will find it.

Omkara ; Jhanvi book a marriage hall and give the breaking news to all news channels that C.B .I Officer Omkara is gettig married with Swethlana the criminal.

Kabir : Chief, what about parents ? How can we do it ? What will they think if they get to know it .

Omkara : Do what I say.

Jhanvi : Chief anything else

Omkara ; Arrange the bridal attires too , make it fast

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Jhanvi : Sure Chief. But Chief why you are listening this criminal and agreed for marrying her ?

Omkara stares Swethlana

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Omkara ; I trust her

Omkara walks away. Kabir and Jhanvi feels strange. They both were arranging things for wedding,

Kabir : What happened to our Chief ? Why he is doing this ?

Jhanvi :I think there must be any plan behind it . Warna he will never do that .

Kabir : How can you say so  ? He is still bachelor and looking this stylish villain what his mind has also diverted

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Jhanvi : Omkara Sir is not like that. I know him very well.

Kabir ; So you wants to say that I knows him less.

Jhanvi : I didn’t said that .

Kabir : But the meaning was like that only

Jhanvi ; We don’t have to do arguments on this. We have to focus on work .

Kabir : Yeah.

Omkara was doing a phone call. Suddenly Swethlana picks his phone and cuts it.

Swethlana : Today is our wedding. Jaan you are focusing on that phone only, you won’t look me ?

Swethlana passed her fingers in Omkara’s face and gave a killing smile

ISHQBAAZ: WHAAAATT! Omkara to get MARRIED to Svetlana?

She started dancing roaming around Omkara without giving him a chance to take a move

Dil Bole Oberoi: Svetlana's marriage craziness creates wall in Omkara  Gauri's love

Talaatum talaatum talaatum
Talaatum talaatum
Talaatum mein ham tum hai
Ham tum kahin gum talaatum
Is talaatum mein ham dil ki
Kashti sanam aaj utaarenge
Hai kasam…
Talaatum talaatum talaatum
Talaatum talaatum
Ishq jab hadd se badhhne lage
Dard saason mein chadhhne lage
Shabnami ho agan
Thhandi thhandi jalan
Jism jalne lage toot jaaye badan
Is talaatum mein ham dil ki
Kashti sanam aaj utaarenge
Hai kasam…

Seeing this Jabir feels irritated

Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna: Tough time for Pooja as Kabir resigns

Omkara signed Jhanvi to join in dance through his eye.

Jhanvi took off Swethalana’s hand from Omkara’s shoulder and Jhanvi-Omkara danced together singing

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Talaatum talaatum talaatum
Talaatum talaatum
Talaatum mein ham tum hai
Ham tum kahin gum talaatum
Sacha dil mein agar pyaar ho
Kashti toofaanon se paar ho
Maujein aati rahe maujein jaati rahe
Hoke woh be-asar chaut khaati rahe
Is talaatum mein ham dil ki
Kashti sanam aaj utaarenge
Hai kasam…

Suddenly the lights went off. The dance got stopped. An unknown masked man arrived there.

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