EDKV2 Suvan FF – School Time Part 21

Precap: Shravan wins a badminton match with Suman. He asks Vijay to teach him play. Shravan prepares for the sport competition.

Ready Get Set……..and GO

With the sound of firing, the sports competition starts at the school. The first competition is a 100 meter race. Everyone is running with everything they got. The students from the sidelines keeps cheering their friends. Excited voice of the comentor could be hard throughout the school from the speakers. Shravan passes Anish, keeping a few seconds distance he crosses the finish line, wining the match. He and his friends breaks into victory cheers and they surrounds him. Anish looks at them with contempt. Shravan signs at him that they will win this competition. He then turns at his gang, tells them to remember this is just the start, they will have to win a lot today. As the other classes race starts everyone moves from there. Anish’s friends gives him water and asks him not to worry. Shravan moves to the side lines and started cheering his friend who is in the next race. Someone gives him a water bottle. He takes it and drinks. When giving it back he notices Suman standing beside him.

Shravan: Sumo, thanks.

Suman: Congratulations Shravan.

Shravan blushes, Suman smiles and takes back the water bottle. He was about to say something but Suman’s friend comes and takes her away. Shravan helplessly caresses his hair and smiles. Sahib comes to say something to him. Suman looks back at him for once before leaving but he misses to see that.

Sahib: Shravan, everyone is really fired up. Even I am getting excited now.

Shravan: Well this is our last school year after all. Do one thing, pass out my word, after this I will throw a party at my house.

Sahib smiles and leaves. One by one every student on Shravan’s gang keeps passing on the news of the party to each other. In a volleyball match member of the opposite team was keep using slangs to break their spirit. When an exchange player came inside the team, he whispered the announcement of Shravan’s party to the other members. Everyone got excited and turned around the game.

Suman was running through the hurdle pass race. Shravan cheers for her. Suman notices him, smiles and runs even faster. Shravan keeps on cheering. Suman and another girl had a tough competition, ultimately Suman wins. Shravan comes running to where she was. After winning Suman gets excited and looks around, she notices him. Both of them were looking at each other, grinning and super excited by the victory. She came running to him and hugs him. Shravan gets surprised but hugs her back with a big smile. Within a few seconds Suman realizes and breaks the hug. But both of them were still super excited and grinning very hard. Suman had to scream cause everyone around them was talking loudly.

Suman: Did you saw?

Shravan nods his head. Both starts laughing and even ends up jumping a bit in excitement. They moves a bit away from the crowd.

Shravan: That other girl was so strong, she gave a tough fight.

Suman: I know, right. And you know what, that’s why the win feels so satisfying.

Shravan: Trust me I know the feeling.

Suman: But Shravan are you sure you can cheer me like that? I just won a lot of points against your team.

Shravan: Sumo, I will always cheer for you. Even in future where ever we end up and which ever side we stand on, I will always cheer for you. Cause in our hearts we will be always on the same side.

Suman smiles at him, he smiles back, both have an eye lock. Their friends calls for them. They looks back and looks at each other again.

Suman: You know, you can’t cheer for me in the next competition.

Shravan pouts.

Shravan: Why? I just said I’ll always cheer you.

Suman laughs and strokes lightly on his forehead.

Suman: Idiot, next will be badminton, and both of us will be busy on our own match. We won’t be able to watch the other’s match.

Shravan: Oh! But you know I will cheer for you still, in my heart. You will cheer for me too, right?

Suman: Who knows, maybe I will, maybe I won’t.

Shravan: That’s not fair. I said I will for you.

Suman smiles. Shravan gets ready to argue but both of their friends comes and intervenes. Shravan’s friends pulls him to go see the cycle race while Suman’s friends pulls her to see the swimming race. They gets pulled in the opposite side by their friends. They looks back at each other while going and smiles.

The day goes on as a lot of games continues going on. Both team faces with wins and loses. Devika secures a place in the swimming competition. Finally it’s time for the badminton competition. Before entering the court Shravan and Suman finds each other in front of them.

Shravan: My match is in the right side court.

Suman: Mine is in the other side.

Shravan: Both of us are in the starting match, huh?

Suman: Yeah.

Shravan: So we really can’t come and see each other’s matches to support them.

Suman: It would seem so.

They both keeps standing there, awkwardly keeps looking at around them, not sure what to say. Anish comes from behind Shravan, he was about to enter the boys side court but stops after seeing them standing there. He speaks up.

Anish: Suman, win for us. I will take care of this side of the court.

He says the last line looking at Shravan. Both of them glares at each other for a few seconds until he goes inside. Kanchan comes from another side.

Kanchan: Don’t worry Shravan. I’ll try my best to hold out.

Both Shravan and Suman smiles at her. Kanchan turns at Suman.

Kanchan: Behna let’s meet at the court.

Suman: Yes. Let’s.

Kanchan also goes inside.

Shravan forwards his hand towards her.

Shravan: Well, all the best to you, Sumo.

Suman hand shakes with him.

Suman: All the best to you too.

Both turns at their own court and starts to leave. Shravan stops at the last moment thinking something. He turns back and calls out to Suman.

Shravan: Sumo.

Suman turns back at him.

Shravan: You know who ever wins these competitions or the challenge, setting all that aside, tomorrow after the competition ends I have kept a party at my house for all my friends. Will you come?

Suman pretends to think. Shravan requests.

Shravan: Pleeease.

Suman: Fine. If you manage to win all the matches without losing once today, I’ll come then.

Suman turns back and leaves. Shravan makes a fist and pulls it towards down in the air.

Shravan: Yeeesssss. Now Shravan Malhotra, you have to win all the matches.

Shravan keeps shadow boxing in excitement. A few juniors had came out to call him but they couldn’t decide what to do seeing him jumping alone like an idiot for no reason. He suddenly notices them and fixes his composure.

Shravan: What?

: Umm, they are calling for you to start the match. If you don’t go now they will disqualify you.

Shravan hurriedly goes inside. Both Shravan and Suman keeps playing their own matches one after another. At the end of the day when all matches ends someone announces the end of the sports festival for the day and instructions for the next day. Shravan was waiting sitting on the gallery sits. He notices Suman coming. She was checking her racket. Shravan gets up and goes to her.

Shravan: How did it go?

Suman looks up and notices him. Kanchan comes by her side and answers for her.

Kanchan: Madam have reached the finals by defeating me.

Shravan smiles.

Shravan: I knew it. No one could beat Sumo. Ask how I did.

Seeing his enthusiasm both the sisters breaks into laughter. Somehow controlling her laugh Suman manages to ask.

Suman: How did you do Shravan?

Shravan: Direct final. After all this is the all India badminton champion Shravan Malhotra. I didn’t lose one single match.

Both Suman and Kanchan smiles and claps. Shravan gives a proud smile. Kanchan calls out to her friends and leaves.

Suman: So the finals are tomorrow.

Shravan: Yeah. And I am gonna win that one too. But, but but but, you said you will come if I win all the matches of “today”, which I have done. So you can’t go back or delay on your decision now. Will you be coming to my party?

Suman pretends to think.

Shravan: Come on Sumo, don’t tease me now.

Suman: Ok fine. I’ll come.

Shravan: For real!

Suman: Yes for real.

Shravan jumps in the air making an exclamation sound. Suman laughs.

Suman: What are you doing?

Shravan: I’m just happy Sumo.

Suman: Well hold your happiness for now. You still have to play the final tomorrow. Well who are you up against?

Shravan’s smiles disappears.

Shravan: There you did it, took my happiness away. Who else, that kaccha nimbu.

Suman: Kaccha nimbu? Who is that?

She suddenly remembers their meeting at the sports club at the start.

Suman: Anish?

Shravan mumbles to himself.

Shravan: Who else. He looks like a kaccha nimbu, he is even bitter like one. Even after not being here he is ruining the mood.

Suman: What are you saying?

Shravan: Nothing. What’s the point of wasting our time talking about that Anish. We should talk about something else.

Suman: We should go home and rest. We have to play the final.

Shravan: Yeah, that’s true. Also there is going to be a few more events that didn’t happened today, right?

Suman: Hmm.

Both of them keeps talking and walking by the field.

Next: The climax of the sports festival.

So I am posting after the long break. Thanks for patiently waiting for all this time. Hope you like this part.

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