EDKV2 Suvan FF – School Time Part 23

Precap: The climax of the sports festival comes to a closure with Shravan wining Badminton competition and his team winning the football match. Anish breaks their celebration saying it’s still left to see who won the challenge.

Shravan and everyone is looking at Anish after his sudden statement.

Sahib: Meaning?

Amish: The meaning is buddy you guys didn’t win the challenge.

Shravan’s friends looks at him. Shravan smiles at them. Suman and Kanchan arrives there.

Shravan: It’s ok guys. Hey Dhumketu, before blabbering your typical nonsensical lines, tell me something, did you win?

Anish doesn’t answer. Shravan’s friends checks the score on their phones and gets surprised.

Sahib: What is this, it’s a tie.

Anish: That doesn’t matter, you guys had challenged that you would score better then us, you failed to do that. It’s your lost.

Shravan: By that logic it’s your loss too. You still don’t understand, do you? Just look around you.

Everyone looks around the field, they sees students are all chatting among each others.

Shravan: By looking at them can you different the army kids or the civilian kids?

Anish’s face stiffened as he looked around again, he sees it this time. Students are not anymore caring about whether they are of army gang or civilians. Forgetting all that they are being friends with each other on equal terms.

Shravan gets back to Sahib’s side and puts his hand around his shoulders.

Shravan: Sahib do you remember what I had told you the first time we met? See your brother have done it. There is no grade system anymore in this school, no body cares about that, we are all equal.

Shravan’s friends all looks around and starts smiling.

Sahib: When did this happened! How did we not noticed!

Shravan looks at Anish’s disbelief face.

Shravan: What happened? Are you still feeling clueless about what happened? You see you were just full with your shallow pride this whole time that clouded your sight. Otherwise you would have noticed this scene long back, like how I noticed after our first race.

Flash back shows after Shravan wins the race, when his friends congratulations him, he looks around at the students around him and sees the change in their attitudes. How forgeting their differences they were all getting together with each other.

Shravan: We started this challenge in the first place to prove there is no difference between us, we are all students here and equal. You lost the moment you agreed to this challenge cause that gave everyone a chance to prove that for the first time. That’s all we needed and we proved. Come on, don’t tell me that you are not thinking if our school plays a match with another school Sahib should be the goal keeper cause he is the best. Or you are not gonna accept those guys who placed top fair and square. Everyone can see the truth now Anish, if you even scream your ridiculous ideology now they are gonna think of you as a fool. Listen to me clearly cause I am gonna say only one more time, NOBODY CARES. And this tie is just the cherry on top, even if the score weighed heavy for a team it didn’t matter cause right now, everyone’s mentality have changed in this school.

Both of them looks at each other eye to eye, Anish with anger while Shravan with a victorious joy. He gives a victory scream, Shravan’s team starts celebrating. Suman and Kanchan both smiles. Shravan holds Suman’s hand and pulls her inside the celebration. Anish leaves in anger, his friends stands a bit awkwardly, some then follows him while some joins the students in the audience. Kanchan breaks the celebration at a point.

Kanchan: Guys the competition is over but the sport festival is not. Let’s go.

Everyone screams again and runs. Shravan looks at Suman and smiles at her, she smiles back. He holds her hand and starts running.

Shravan: Let’s go sumo.

The rest of the sports festival went by without any more conflicts, everyone enjoyed it to their fullest after all the nerve wracking competitions. Anish was going around with a sour face though. There was race between the teachers which became a very exciting event, all the students cheered for their favorite teachers. But the most hit event was the race between the stuff members, Bhopali won it, with the claps even a lot of whistles could be heard. And the end event was a grand musical chair with a huge number of participants. It became one of the most memorable event. The festival ended with the prize giving ceremony. With lots of memories and emotions the sports festival came to an end and the students returned to their home.

Malhotra House

Shravan was getting ready in his room, one by one the guests have started to come, they have filled the ground floor and the lawn in front of their house which is decorated nicely. Not only Shravan’s friends from his civilians gang but their newly made friends from army gang over the competition has also came. Bunty comes in Shravan’s room. Shravan is picking one dress and then tossing it over. The room is in total mess.

Bunty: What is all this mia?

Shravan: Bunty, please help me with this. Sumo is coming I need to look the best.

Bunty: Just this? Of course mia, your brother will help you.

Bunty looks over the dress and picks out a black shirt.

Bunty: Were this, you will look dashing.

Shravan: Really!

Shravan wears it.

Bunty: See what did I told you. You are looking handsome.

Shravan: You are right yaar. Bunty, you know, today it’s officially done. No grade system in the school. I have said it on the face of that Anish before everyone and he had to accept it. Finally I have completed my promise to my friends. Now I can make Sumo my girlfriend. All my concentration will be now on her.

Bunty: Wait a second mia, slow down a bit. You will make Suman your girlfriend? But first did you even decide where do you stand with her? What does she think about you?

Shravan: What do you mean? We are friends.

Bunty: Really! Wasn’t that before the whole Anish’s party drama?

Shravan: That was long back. She forgave me.

Bunty: But did she said you guy are friends again? Isn’t she just going around with you only cause you are buddy in school.

Shravan: That’s not…

Shravan was about to deny that but remembers what ever happened between them till now. He sits down on the bed.

Shravan: You are right Bunty. So many things happened. She took care of me my leg broke, we went to the trip, the prom, had so much fun in the fair and the sports festival, she even helped me out on her own for the last one. But always she said we are buddies. I really don’t know where I stand with her.

Tiwari house

Suman and Kanchan is getting ready in their room for going to Shravan’s party.

Kanachan: Suman are you done, I think the party already started.

Suman: A few more minutes.

Kanchan: By the way did you prepared your gift.

Suman: Yeah.

Kanchan: What is it?

Suman: You will see.

Kanchan: Hmm, special gift for your buddy huh! So is he still just your buddy?

Suman thinks back all the stuff happened between them till now.

Suman: Not just buddy, more then that.

Kanchan leaves whatever she was doing and comes to Suman.

Kanchan: What did you said?

Suman: I mean Shravan have changed. Sure he still have that attitude of his and mischievousness. But now he doesn’t lie or does fake show off like he used to do in the past. I feel like he has become more sincere, like I can trust him now. I think we have become good friends again.

Malhotra House

Shravan stands up again.

Shravan: No issues. I will just have to work harder. And now I can give all my attention to her. If I don’t know where I stand with her then I’ll find out and start from there. Bunty let’s go.

Bunty: Let’s go then.

Shravan comes down. Everyone greets him. He greets everyone and comes out in the lawn. His friends comes close to him and they starts chating. Suman comes out of her house, Shravan sees her, he keeps looking at her while she gets out of her house and comes inside his with Kanchan. They comes face to face and greets. Shravan comes to her and show off his shirt.

Shravan: How am I looking?

Suman and Kanchan looks at each other and laughs.

Kanchan: Shravan aren’t boys supposed to praise the girls?

Shravan: Who said that? I just ended a war of discrimination at school. Why are you beginning a new one here?

Suman: Calm down Shravan. You are looking nice.

Shravan gets happy. Bunty appears from side.

Bunty: I chose it.

Shravan: So sumo did you prepared a gift for me as you were supposed to.

Suman: I have.

She takes out a drawing notebook out of her bag.

Shravan: This notebook?

Suman: No, I’m gonna draw you a picture and give it to you at the end of the party.

Shravan: Really Sumo! I’m going to treasure it forever then.

Suman then takes a sit at a side and starts drawing. Shravan wanted to see what is it but his friends pulls him in their conversation. The party goes on. Someon had brought a guitar, he plays it and sing them songs. They had their food. They clicks a lot of pictures. Everyone then urges Shravan to give a speech.

Shravan: How can I give a speech all of a sudden.

Sahib: Don’t act innocent Shravan. Everyone knows how good you are at giving speeches if not anything.

Shravan: But this is different from those time yaar.

Everyone keeps requesting him. He looks at Suman, she also seems to be interested to hear it.

Shravan: OK fine, calm down. Uhh, at the start of the year I had no idea that I will be standing here now with so many friends. Actually I kinda felt my whole life turned upside down when dad suddenly moved our house and admitted me in a new school. And the new school experience, well everything happened before all of you, you know how it went.

Everyone laughs.

Shravan: Then I met Sahib, with him I met all of you one by one. We went and did so many things, so many memories when I look back. Actually now I don’t regret any of those moments cause all those moments lead to tonight with all of us together, celebrating. Here to old friends and the new ones.

Everyone claps, Shravan looks at Suman when he says the last line. She smiles at him. Shravan starts again.

Shravan: So after tomorrow our summer vacation starts. I guess we won’t be meeting each other at school like always and will be busy in studying cause this is our last year. Maybe until exam we won’t even have time to party like this again. There’s still time for our parting aways but this feels like a bit like goodbye for some reason.

Everyone gets emotional.

Shravan: Well but we will compensate that after the exam, we should plan something then. And we already have our plans for the farewell party, don’t we guys?

Everyone cheers.

Shravan: So let’s spend the rest of our school year like this, together.

Shravan sits down, everyone claps. They starts talking among each other. After a while when no one is around him to disturb Shravan goes to Suman.

Shravan: Sumo I have to show you something, come with me.

Suman follows him with her drawing notebook. They comes to Shravan’s room. Shravan takes her where all his trophies are. He takes out the trophy he won today and give it to Suman.

Shravan: I won this one because of you. So I want you to keep it here for me.

Suman smiles and keeps it there.

Shravan: So tomorrow is our last class before summer vacation starts. What will you be doing in the vacation?

Suman: What else, study for the exam of course.

Shravan mumbles to himself: Why did I even ask.

Suman: What will you be doing Shravan?

Shravan: Me, well it’s really hard to study in the vacation time, don’t you think. I mean vacation are there for to enjoy. But of course if I slack off dad is not going to leave me alone.

Suman laughs. Suddenly they hears Kanchan calling Suman. They goes to the balcony and Suman answers her from there. Kanchan says it’s time to go back. Suman looks at Shravan and makes a good bye face. She leaves. Shravan sees her off till gate. Slowly all the friends leaves. Shravan goes back to his room and falls down his bed being tired. He feels something behind his back and takes it out, it’s Suman’s drawing book.

Shravan: Sumo forgot this? Well I guess it just gives me another chance to meet her then. Let’s see what picture she drew for me.

Shravan sees all the pictures one by one until he comes to the last one made for him. It’s a picture of the party they had now, with all their friends in it having fun. Shravan smiles seeing it.

Next: The last day before summer vacation.

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