Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 10th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Bala accepts the challange.

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 10th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

In this episode Bala asks Bhim Rap to give him one reason to stay. Rama came, told that Bala’s wife fell unconscious. Bala left his stuff and ran to her.

Joshi and Varchand were discussing why they kept failing. Joshi didn’t know what to do next. Varchand said that they need to do something, or else Bhim Rao would become stronger. Varchand’s servant came told that Varchand’s wife was calling him for dinner. Varchand asked him to leave, he wasn’t hungry. They servant was about to leave but turned. He asked permission to speak. He told Varchand that him indulging in issues with Bhim Rao bears him no fruit, Varchand deprives himself from having luxuries while Bhim Rao enjoys even the little. Varchand slapped his servant. Joshi pushed him to the ground repeatedly to teach him a lesson. Joshi told that that’s how they will teach Bhim Rao. He asked the servant to leave.

Bala came running to his wife. he found her sitting and crying. Bala questioned, said that Rama told that she fainted. Bhim Rao told that Rama lied to see Bala’s reaction. Him running back to her proves that he loved her. Ramji said that such relationships must be taken care of. They must remined themselves about each other’s love. Bhim Rao asked Bala to accept his bet, things might get better. Bala recalled Bhim Rao challenging him. Bala took Bhim Rao aside; he accepted the challenge on a condition that Bhim Rao would never interfere between them again. Rama asked Bala to leave, the 10 days challenge starts now. Rama questioned Bhim Rao if these 10 days would change a man who has been like this his entire life. Bhim Rao didn’t know, but they would surely find a way to change a man. Rama agreed, it was better to solve issues between them.

Bala came to his wife, asked her to get up. He asked her to let it go. Bhim Rao counted the minutes Bala kept shouting at his wife. Ramji stopped Bala for rudely speaking to his wife. Bala sat down. Bhim Rao told that Bala asked his wife to stop crying 17 times. Bhim Rao asked Rama to take Bala’s wife inside and make ginger tea that Bala loves. He wanted Bala’s wife to convince Bala to drink the tea no matter how long it takes. Rama questioned, Bala and his wife broke into a fight. Bhim Rao said that a tea would help them right now. Rama said that it was impossible to understand Bhim Rao.

Rama took Bala’s wife inside.

Hitesh came to Joshi informing them the case of Bhabi’s son was over. Bhim Rao won. Varchand told that they already beat someone for telling them that. Hitesh said that there was a new ground to fight on. Joshi asked Hitesh to be clear. Hitesh told that Bhim Rao was interfering between Bala and his wife. He wanted Bala to become exactly like him, though a man and a husband cannot be so.

Bala’s wife was making tea, her hands were shaking. Rama comforted her. Jijabai was standing behind the burden, she refused to let of what happened last night. She saw Bhim Rao and went to him.

Jijabai asked Bhim Ra if he thought anything about getting her justice. Bhim Rao must have a solution to her problem. Bhim Rao was ashamed and empathized with Jijabai. He accepted that Ramji was at fault. Jijabai didn’t care, she asked him to tell about the justice. She wanted justice, asked him to write it in paper that he would get her justice. Bhim Rao was silent. She asked Bhim Rao to swear that he would never speak about Justice again. Bhim Rao agreed to get her justice, he would fight for it as well. He wrote it in paper, handed it to Jijabai.

Rama boosted her confidence. Bala’s wife refused; Bala would throw the cup away. Ramji asked Rama to serve it, then he would talk to Bala to leave the chawl. Bhim Rao told that Bala would live here to next 10 days, he challenged Bala to it. Meera told that Bala was not the same anymore. Bhim Rao refused, it would be start to a change. Meera questioned if Bala misbehaved with her again. Bhim Rao asked Bala’s wife to serve Bala tea and not return until he agreed to drink it. She agreed, went to serve Bala tea.

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