Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 19th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Jijabai leaves the chawl.

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 19th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

In this episode Ramji questioned Bala for grabbing his wife’s hand like that. He asked Bala not to force his father to take adverse action against his son. He asked everyone to leave. everyone left. Hitesh came to Bala, praised what he did so that his wife never shows the audacity to stand in front of him again.

Rama served Ramji water; Lakshmi was bringing her tea. Jijabai came clapping at Ramji, asked how he was than said that made him like this. Ramji questioned. Jijabai has never seen Ramji shouting like at Bala for twisting his wife’s hand. She questioned Ramji for twisting her entire life. Ramji refused to talk on this topic. Jijabai didn’t let go, said that Ramji was equally wrong as Bala. Ramji agreed, he asked no one to interfere. Meera was asked to take everyone outside. Jijabai denied, especially Bhim Rao can not leave. She questioned Bhim Ra’s will to fight for her justice. Bhim Rao must convince Ramji to adopt a child with her. Ramji refused to ever adopt a child with her. Rama asked him to think calmy. Ramji made his decision, told that he was leaving the chawl to free himself from everyone’s opinion he didn’t need. Jijabai stopped Ramji, him running away wont do anything. Bhim Rao agreed with Jijabai. Ramji asked him not to speak between him and his wife. Jijabai asked Bhim Rao to speak. Bhim Rao asked Ramji to take a decision that will give Jijabai her justice. Ramji refused to talk. Jijabai gave him an option to choose from, either adopt a child with her or she will leave this chawl. Ramji wasn’t scared of her threat, he asked her to go. Jijabai said that she will leave. Ramji left as well.

Lakshmi asked Anand to come home and resolve the issue between Ramji and Jijabai. The family members were trying to solve it, but they should help as well. Anand said that they weren’t in the family to help them, he asked Lakshmi to enjoy Daliya’s tea. Daliya questioned Anand; he must help his parents. Anand was at peace by drinking tea. Daliya asked Lakshmi to join.

Jijabai was packing her stuff, Rama asked her not to leave. Jijabai told Rama to convince Bhim Rao and Ramji. Meera asked her not to make hasty decision.

Bhim Rao went to talk to Ramji. Ramji had enough of this topic. Bhim Rao got himself too much involved in the issue, he crossed his bounds. Bhim Rao told Ramji that Bhimbai would be disappointed to see them being unfair to another woman.

Jijabai swears everyone not to stop her. Meera kept telling that Jijabai was at fault. Everyone tried to stop her. She packed her stuff, came across Bhim Rao. She asked him to write in his journal that he lost her fight. She went out. Everyone went after her.

She refused to stop, told everyone that she as leaving because Bhim Rao lost her battle for justice. Ramji asked her to stop. Ramji recalled what Bhim Rao said to him. He admitted being a useless husband, he neither understood Jijabai’s happiness nor gave her anything yet he pleaded in front of everyone to stop her from going. Jijabai agreed on condition that he would adopt a child with her. Ramji came to Bhim Rao, he agreed with that Bhimabai would be ashamed to see them being unjust to another woman. He apologized to Jijabai in front of everyone, but it doesn’t mean that he would agree with everything. Ramji turned to Jijabai, said that he would never adopt a child with her. Rama asked Jijabai not to leave. Meera, Bhim Rao asked her to stop as well.
Lakshmi wanted to say something. Anand stopped her from saying anything or standing with anyone.

Jijabai refused to listen. Ramji apologized for Bhimabai not her hence she will not stop. Everyone in the chawl asked Jijabai to stop. Bhim Rao went after her. Ramji stopped Bhim Rao, he forbids anyone from stopping or going after Jijabai. Bhim Rao said that none of them were right but Ramji should have stopped her.

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