Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 19th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Gopal Krishna Gokhale

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 19th September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

In this episode the Guruji told Bhim Rao about Gopal Krishna Gokhale. He was born in a lower class family, yet finished his education. He founded Servants of India Society, it helps people jobs.
Gokhale’s assistant informed that they have to leave for a seminar. Gokhale coughed, he drank some water. His assistant advised him to postpone the seminar. He refused, said that the work and seminar was above his health.

Guruji told that he handles cases similar to Bhim Rao’s. Bhim Rao was glad to know that people like him existed. Guruji knew someone who can take them to Gokhale. Rama came to take Bhim Rao, Lakshmi wasn’t feeling well. Guruji asked Bhim Rao to go, he will arrange a meeting.

Bhim Rao rushed to Lakshmi. She was screaming in pain. Bhim Rao suggested to take her to hospital. She refused. Jijabai taunted. Lakshmi asked Bhim Rao to let her be brave enough to handle the pain, she would have to do the same once she leaves. Phuliya and Deepak’s mother asked Bhim Rao to let them go, they want to be labors.

Hitesh and Joku said that their convincing helped them.

Bhim Rao refused to listen, he will fight for them like always. Phuliya insisted, she wanted to go. Bala taunted Bhim Rao, the court’s decision will be against him. Bhim Rao said that there was enough time to make amends. Bhim Rao asked Lakshmi to come to hospital. He asked Rama to take care of Lakshmi, he will come back.

Hitesh got worried about what Bhim Rao said, wondered if he found a solution.

Guruji requested Gokhale’s assistant for a meeting. He denied as Gokhale wasn’t feeling well. Guruji asked him to inform Gokhale about the situation.

Hitesh asked for Varchand’s help. Bhim Rao has come up with some other strategy. Joshi and Varchand wondered who was helping Bhim Rao.

Guruji got to meet Gokhale. He told him about Bhim Rao and how he was in dire need of his help. Gokhale questioned. Guruji told him about the agreement labors. Bhim Rao explained him the entire situations of how his chawl members were compelled into signing the agreement. The matter went to court, and his case was weak. He wanted Gokhale’s help to save them. The court hearing was tomorrow. Gokhale asked for the student’s name. He told him about Bhim Rao.

Joshi told Hitesh to get rest of the chawl members out. They will take the plane away from Bombay. They must let Bala, his wife and Lakshmi fight Bhim Rao. They will tell the court that they left because they wanted to go. Hitesh and others agreed, they decided to leave from here. They turned around to leave. Ramji stood in front of them, he stopped them. Hitesh refused. Ramji questioned Deepak’s mother and Phuliya. He asked everyone not to run behind Bhim Rao’s back. He pleaded everyone not to go. Told everyone that they were making a mistake, they will have no one to save them abroad. Neither Bhim Rao, Ramji nor Varchand. Joshi asked Ramji to accept the fact that everyone have turned their back against Bhim Rao. Hitesh reminded Ramji about his slap. Hitesh told that he wasn’t strong enough to slap Ramji back, but he taking everyone as agreement labors was no less. He took everyone with him. Varchand taunted Ramji about his cast’s ill fate. Ramji said that army thought him to make multiple strategies. If this strategy didn’t work, rest of them will. He asked them to see that the police stopped Hitesh and others. They cannot leave before the court hearing. Ramji told Joshi and Varchand that they lost again.
Ramji was grateful to the police officer for coming here. Policeman asked everyone to go back home. Hitesh awaits the day he would get rid of Ramji and Bhim Rao.

At Ramji discussed the matter with Guruji. Ramji was worried about the court’s decision. Guruji told that he talked to Gokhale about the matter.

Gokhale discussed the matter. He wanted to take action against the agreement labors. He told his people about the court case. The people questioned, they cannot find any help in a single night. It was impossible.

Bhim Rao was grateful to Guruji for his help. Rama asked Ramji not to worry. Their pure intentions have always rewarded them.

Gokhale asked his men to prepare a draft. He will handle the issue of court hearing.

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