Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 20th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Courts hearing gets delayed.

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 20th September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode begins with Rama and Bhim Rao asking Ramji to come back home or else they won’t go as well. Ramji had nowhere to go, he was disappointed at the way he was treated. Bhim Rao said that this issue can be resolved, he didn’t say anything earlier but cannot let it go now. He learnt it from his Guruji. A family strives together. Gokhale didn’t belong to a wealthy family, but they strive for it. Ramji dreamed big for Bhim Rao. Ramji was the only one who struggled the most for him. Bhim Rao apologized on everyone’s behalf. Rama apologized as well. Ramji went home with them.

Joshi came to chawl, he woke everyone. Asked them to smile because of Bhim Rao. It was Bhim Rao’s last day of succeeding, once the court tells him that. Everyone shout that Bhim Rao was wrong. Varchand asked everyone to applaud for them. Everyone clapped, including Bala. He agreed with Joshi, after court’s decision everyone will head forward to their new life. Joshi told that he brought mala for everyone. He asked Hitesh to dress everyone with that mala. Janardan dressed Hitesh with Mala. Joshi asked Lakshmi to dress all women with the mala. Meera asked her to stop, Joshi was purposely doing it to tease Bhim Rao. Rama agreed with Meera, asked Lakshmi to come back. Varchand pointed that this wasn’t a game, court will decide and once it does police will take everyone from here. Joshi asked Lakshmi to dress everyone with mala. Lakshmi decided to do it. She knew it would hurt everyone, but she wanted them to feel bad so they could rest with the fact that Lakshmi wasn’t a good person. Bala praised Lakshmi, he asked Lakshmi to dress his wife first. His wife didn’t want yet Lakshmi dresses her. They even dressed Lakshmi with a mala. Joshi asked everyone to wait while they go and bring court’s decision. Varchand asked if Bhim Rao wouldn’t join them. Bhim Rao said that he was coming. Rama wanted to accompany him, he refused to it. Ramji asked Bhim Rao to bring back the decision, even if it was against him or in his favor.

Jijabai praised everyone. As their representation she felt delighted to see everyone dressed in mala except Bhim Rao. Meera questioned Jijabai for turning everyone against Bhim Rao. Jijabai denied the allegation, she told that once everyone return back after 5 years Bhim Rao would be no where neat them. They will have a different life. Rama told that they would starve there, neither government nor anyone would help them get back to their country. Rama told that they were being used. She asked everyone to wait for court’s decision. Jijabai mocked, said that they will be away from Rama’s lectures as well.
Bhim Rao and Guruji were waiting for the lawyer to arrive. The lawyer came, told that going to court was useless. He told Bhim Rao what happened.

Meanwhile, police barged in the chawl. Jijabai and Hitesh were happy, the police will take them to the plan. Policemen told that the court has decided not to let anyone leave until the final decision. Everyone questioned. Bhim Rao told that the judge has postponed the hearing. He has ordered everyone to stay in country until the court decides. Rama was glad, asked how it happened.

According to lawyer Gokhale must have called someone to delay the hearing. He got call from court, he was informed about the postponement. Then the police arrived. Joshi intervened, said that hearing only got delayed. Rama asked him to be quiet. Now she will do what she has to. Varchand questioned. Rama asked them to wait and watch. She took off mala’s from everyone. She asked them to take them off and hand it over to her. Rama went to Joshi and Varchand, said that if the mala’s weren’t touched she would have dressed Varchand and Joshi with them. She threw the mala’s away. Rama guaranteed that until next hearing everyone would be against the agreement. Joshi was mad. Bhim Rao told that Joshi told everyone lies, he will make everyone see the truth.

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