Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 21st September 2022 Written Episode Update: Bhim Rao frees Bala.

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 21st September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode begins with Joshi crushing the mala. He wanted to tell that he would do the same to Bhim Rao. Rama stopped him, told him not to say anything further. Ramji stepped forward, asked them to leave. Varchand told that now they will do their work.

Hitesh blamed Bhim Rao for running their happiness. The lawyer corrected him, said that Bhim Rao saved his life. Bala questioned, said they weren’t living happily here either, at least this agreement gave them hope to change their lives. Bhim Rao asked the lawyer to leave. Police ordered everyone to stay inside the chawl while everyone were determined to leave. They were sure that the court will rule in their favor. Bala asked Ramji to open him, he cannot stay tied forever. Ramji said that people like you need to be tied down. Bhim Rao untied Bala. Ramji questioned him. He told Bala thatr he never liked how Ramji treated him. Balka said that he agreed to fact that everyone had more complaints from him. He took his stuff and his wife, dragged his wife out of the chawl. Ramji questioned him. Rama stopped them, she grabbed Bala’s wife’s hand. She wouldn’t have let anyone else do the same. Lakshmi supported Rama. He refused to listen. Meera asked Bala to act sensibly. Bhim Rao told Bala to use his power against him and Ramji, drag them out of this chawl as well.

The man told that the court decided against him because of Ghokale. The man was worried about the case, if they lose it would be a great loss for him. Joshi assured him that nothing will go wrong. Varchand wondered that why would the British Government rule against them. They must devise a plan that the court will not over rule even after Ghokale’s interference. Joshi said that they must find a strong lawyer for it, and make sure that he wins.
Bhim Rao challenged Bala. Bala assured that he would take the chawl members with him as agreement labors.
Ghokale’s men gave him the draft he asked. Ghokale praised them for their effort. His assistant informed that it was time to travel to Pune. Ghokale asked his men to take care of the case, make sure that no chawl member leaves.
Bhim Rao discussed it with Rama and Ramji, he was still worried about the court’s decisions. He doubted that they will rule against him. He recalled Guruji’s advise to rule in pros and cons. He told Ramji that they must turn everyone against this decision. Ramji wondered how to do it. Jijabai came in beating a plate. Ramji questioned her. She told that this sounds makes one angry, he must go out and say that everyone was doing the same. Ramji questioned. She told that everyone was made at Bhim Rao for interfering. Ramji went out to see.

Everyone was shouted that they will die starving. They must be allowed to go. Bhabi was in their favor. Meera questioned her. Bhim Rao shouted at them to be quiet. He told that the starving won’t help. Hitesh wanted him to feel bad, because it was his doing. Rama questioned Lakshmi. She replied that for now she supports everyone else. Ramji questioned Lakshmi for supporting anyone but them with whom she lived his entire life with. Meera asked Ramji to be polite. Lakshmi stopped her, she would never mind anyone saying anything to her. Bhim Rao told that he would starve with everyone, to feel them. He went inside.

Bhim Rao picked his bag. Rama asked where he was going at such hour. Bhim Rao told that he cannot waste his time here. She asked where he was headed. Bhim Rao told him. Rama said that it was a dangerous task. Bhim Rao said that he has no other choice than to try, he wanted to save everyone or he would regret it forever. He was leaving. Rama reminded to take his wife with him in every difficult task. Bhim Rao grabbed her hand, took her with him.
Jijabai and Bhabi wondered what he was up to.

They came out. Ramji questioned where they were headed. Bhim Rao said that they were leaving to find a solution. Bala told him that they will not change their decision no matter what. Bhim Rao wanted to mend the ways.

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