Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 22nd September 2022 Written Episode Update: A drama show in chawl.

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 22nd September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode begins with Bhim Rao and Rama leaving. Bala’s wished for their well being and accomplishment.
Hitesh informed Joshi and Varchand about Bhim Rao and Rama leaving, he was worried about them finding a solution and stop everyone from going abroad. Joshi took his words in notice, asked him in which direction Bhim Rao and Rama left. He asked Hitesh to leave. Joshi told Varchand that they need to find Bhim Rao at all cost.

Bhim Rao told Rama that they should go to Guruji and make sure that they keep it hidden from Joshi and Varchand otherwise they would stop them at all cost. They were talking when Joshi and Varchand found them. Bhim Rao and Rama ran, they were followed. Bhim Rao and Rama hid from them. Varchand doubted that Bhim Rao was up to something big. Joshi wasn’t amused, he was sure that he will wine. He was waiting for next morning when court will rule in their favor. Joshi was sure that he will win and everyone would go abroad. They started searching for him again. Bhim Rao heard the conversation. He won’t let Joshi win or let anyone go on the contract. Rama questioned him for hiding from them. Bhim Rao said that they had important things to do than face Joshi and Varchand.

He went to Guruji, apologized for disturbing him. He wanted Guruji to tell him about the draft Ghokale’s prepared for the contract laborers. Guruji didn’t know how to help Bhim Rao. Bhim Rao had the idea, he told Guruji about him. They went to talk to Ghokale’s employees.

Bhim Rao asked the employee to favor him as he wanted to help his people. The employee heard about Bhim Rao from Ghokale. He agreed to help. Rama assured that everything will get well.
Bhabi told Jijabai that she wouldn’t have married her into this family if she knew about all the dramas. Jijabai told that no one is bad in this house, Bhim Rao has turned everyone against each other. Bhim Rao deliberately involves himself in unsolvable issue. He had put everyone in danger thousands of time. Bhabi wondered when he would learn. Ramji said that Bhim Rao would never change, he will become like Jijabai a selfish narcissist. He reminded that Bhim Rao was his son, he cares about everyone, helps everyone. For as long as Ramji was alive he would not let him change. He asked Jijabai to look at herself and ask if she is right. He was worried about Rama and Bhim Rao, taunted them for complaining. He questioned Jijabai for hating Bhim Rao and enough, the evil will turn against them. Bhabi continued eating.

The employee gave Bhim Rao some names and addresses he can seek help from. He would be glad to know that they helped. Bhim Rao was grateful to him Ghokale.

The next morning, Joshi and Varchand were finding Bhim Rao but they couldn’t find him. Joshi wondered what he would be up to. His friends came, complaint about not finding Bhim Rao. They were tired and sleep deprived. Joshi taunted his friends. Varchand was worried about Bhim Rao disappearing. He has met great personalities every time he disappeared. Bhim Rao came, he went to Varchand’s house to invite him, but couldn’t find them there. He invited Joshi and others to his chawl. Joshi questioned. Bhim Rao told that there was a drama show in his chawl. Joshi mocked them for acting, playing cricket, fighting everyone’s battles. He advised Bhim Rao not to burden himself, what if all his happiness got buried under them. Rama told Joshi not to worry about Bhim Rao, her husband only liked studying but he had to waste his time because of people like Joshi. She asked them to come to see the show.

The lawyer, Guruji, Bhim Rao, Rama and Ramji invited almost everyone to see the show.

Everyone in the chawl were worried. Hitesh mocked Bhim Rao, he though the he would meet the Queen of England but he opted to act. Everyone came to the chawl to see the show. Joshi and Varchand came as well. Bala asked what the show was about. Bhim Rao and Rama came, he welcomed everyone to the chawl. He invited the actors, to start the show. The actors were dressed as chawl members, Joshi and Varchand. Joshi asked Varchand why everyone was dressed like them. Varchand knew that it must be his plan. Bhim Rao asked everyone to sit down so that the show may begin. Bhim Rao told Ramji that he had no better way to stop everyone.

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