Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 23rd September 2022 Written Episode Update: The drama begins.

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 23rd September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode begins with Joshi and everyone asking the play to begin.

The actor’s enacted how Joshi manipulated everyone to sign the agreement. Joshi recalled doing exactly that. The man playing Varchand asked everyone to go abroad and earn in huge amounts. The actors showed everyone being fed the half-truth of signing the agreement. Joshi who acted to sympathized with them still treated them like a lower caste. The drama showed that everyone was ready to take off. Hitesh mocked them, at least they reached the ship because they didn’t have anyone like Bhim Rao in their life. Meera asked them to be quiet and see further. Phuliya asked them to show how it felt like be a ship.

The actors were delighted to be traveling on the ship. Once they will reach that place they would travel in cars and get to see huge buildings. Deepak’s mother said that they have cars and building here in Bombay. Two of the actors showed that going abroad would be life changing for them, at least nobody would insult them there which intrigued Deepak. Meanwhile, one of the female actors started coughing, she fainted. Her partner was worried, Joshi asked him to step back as the women caught cholera virus. The Varchand suggested to throw the women in the sea, or everyone catch it. Everyone wore gloved, they threw her in the sea while her partner cried for her. Bala and Hitesh said that this was a lie. The man questioned Joshi and Varchand for killing his wife. Joshi spoke up, said that this was lie. Nothing like this happens in reality. The woman who played acted to die came forward and said that her father was thrown in the sea just like this. She being unaware of this waited for him for 17 years, but her father never returned. All the money and her father drowned in the sea. She started crying, Rama consoled the woman. The Joshi asked everyone else to work their effortlessly. The man cried for his dead wife, he had no hope other than her. He wanted to return back to Bombay but wasn’t allowed. The Joshi asked everyone to be prepare themselves. They reached the destination.

The next segment showed that the Joshi asked them to start working. The men asked them for rest, they just reached their destination. Joshi slapped him. Varchand asked everyone to start working. Jijabai said that this was a lie, they were trying to frighten everyone. Bhabi asked Jijabai to stop the play. She was about to do so but Meera stopped them. The drama took leap of 2 years. The actors portrayed the devastating and cruel conditions. They were tired and restless but still forced to work. The Joshi and Varchand questioned them. The men told that they wanted to go back to Bombay. The Joshi and Varchand questioned, they spent a lot of money on them to bring them here. They threatened to renew their contract and make them work for another 5 years. The men protested. The Varchand and Joshi beat them. Everyone in the audience were extremely sacred. Varchand questioned Bhim Rao, he asked Hitesh to take all those who wanted to go abroad inside. One of the actors stopped them. He told everyone that he escaped from their after 4 years. He managed to come back but he never earned enough to come back in peace. He showed everyone the scars he had on his back, which were the sign of torture he faced abroad. They treated him like servants. He was lucky enough to come back, but the ones who are still there are in worse conditions.

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