Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 27th September 2022 Written Episode Update: The court rules in Joku’s favor.

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The episode begins with everyone greeting Ghokale on his way to court. The people thanked him for saving them from becoming contract laborers. They were forever grateful to them. Ghokale congratulated them as well, for understanding themselves that contract labor wasn’t worth it. He wanted to end this scheme forever. Everyone praised Ghokale as he went ahead. Bhim Rao came from behind, he saw the flowers.
Jijabai congratulated everyone as the day for their farewell finally arrived. She asked them not to forget her. Hitesh refused, Jijabai was the only one who cared for them. Bhabi said that one should take example from Jijabai, Bhim Rao wasn’t like that. Meera asked her to be quiet.

Varchand was happy because the trial was between court and lawyer otherwise some people would intertwine to give their suggestion. Guruji questioned Varchand for taunting and mocking Bhim Rao. Joshi laughed at him, he recalled one of Guruji’s joke. He told Varchand that Guruji used to be on his side but suddenly changed sides. Wondered if he lost his senses, because now he thinks that Bhim Rao is more capable. Varchand said that court’s decision would decide that. Guruji knew that the truth will win.
Ramji and Rama brought flowers. Bala questioned. Rama said that she would congratulate everyone with these flowers, if the court ruled in their favor otherwise Bhim Rao. Jijabai was done with Rama and Bhim Rao’s drama. Hitesh said that he would be glad to see Bhim Rao losing, and Rama showering them with flowers. This win would be huge. Ramji asked Hitesh to be patient, the decision hasn’t been ruled yet. Bala questioned, Ramji was literate enough to know who has more merits. Ramji knew about life as well. Joku was leaving, Hitesh questioned him for leaving. Joku told that he wanted to drink water.
Joku came to his room, he recalled the drama and the actors confessing about their past. Joku had a panic attack, he refused to go there. Phuliya questioned him for crying. Joku told that he didn’t want to go abroad and loss everything, he was fine here.

Ramji and everyone were waiting for the decision. Ramji was worried. Rama said that they cannot do anything but wait.

Lawyer came out of the court. Bhim Rao questioned. Lawyer told that they lost. Judge ruled that it wasn’t illegal hence cannot be stopped. Varchand and Joku mocked Bhim Rao for claiming the law. Bhim Rao’s face was that of a loser. Joku asked Bhim Rao to come see how he takes his members abroad in front of his eyes.

Joku cried but decided to go or he would lose in front of everyone. He didn’t want to be weak in front of Bhim Rao. Phuliya questioned Joku’s cause of becoming a labor. She only decided to go abroad to be with him. Even she didn’t like the idea of going abroad. Joku wished for court to rule in Bhim Rao’s favor. Hitesh called Joku.

He told everyone that the court decided in their favor, they will leave soon. Joshi agreed with Hitesh, they have won. He asked everyone to bring their stuff and leave. Ramji asked him to wait and hear the decision. Bhim Rao told that he lost the case. Jijabai and Bhabi clapped. Bhabi taunted Ramji. Jijabai was waiting for Bhim Rao to lose for years. Joshi asked everyone to bring their stuff. Joku refused, Phuliya joined. They didn’t want to go. Bhim Rao pleaded everyone to rethink their decision. They arranged the show for a reason. Rama joined hands with Bhim Rao, he asked everyone to reconsider their decision. Joshi questioned. Ramji said that this wasn’t a matter or winning and losing. They can only fight Bhim Rao if they stay here. Ramji requested them to open their minds and ponder. Bala questioned, it had only to them now that they need to go abroad. Deepak’s mother envisions his son begging to take him back home, while she was helpless. Deepak’s mother opened her eyes, refusing to leave as well. She told Deepak that they will survive here, but wouldn’t leave. Deepak agreed with his mother. Janardan and others joined in, they refused to leave as well. Bala was ready to go, he asked Hitesh to come. Hitesh backed off as well. He feared death as well. Joku had enough, he told that everyone signed the agreement. They must come with him or would be forced to.

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