Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 3rd October 2022 Written Episode Update: Lakshmi leaves the house.

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 3rd October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

In this episode Bhabi told Lakshmi that Jijabai offered to give half of the pension to Anand. Jijabai said that she would only help if one helps her in return. Bhabi has spent her entire life in combined families, she knows that if two people unite no one can defeat them. She asked Lakshmi to swear allegiance to Jijabai and her future will be preserved. Jijabai offered her hand, Lakshmi called Ramji. Jijabai questioned Lakshmi. Ramji came. Lakshmi asked why Jijabai lowered her hand, tell Ramji what she wanted. To join forces with Jijabai or ruin Ramji and Rama’s life. She asked if Jijabai wanted her to ruin the family’s peace. Jijabai told she asked for an answer Lakshmi didn’t need to misbehave. Bhabi asked that father in law had no business in this matter. Lakshmi asked Ramji to tell them what she said when asked to leave the house. Ramji told Jijabai and Bhabi that Lakshmi said what an honest person should. Neither Bhabi nor Jijabai was wise enough to understand her. Ramji left. Jijabai yelled at Lakshmi asking her to cook whatever she wants. Bhabi was eager to know that for how long would Lakshmi and Anand live away from the house.

Bala’s wife was worried for Bala, she talked to Bhim Rao about it. Bhim Rao comforted her, said that Bala changed after marrying him. Bala loved her and he surely would realize her importance in his life. She must not worry or lose hope. Bhabi interfered, said that Bhim Rao’s advice would ruin Bala’s life. Meera asked her not to interfere in their personal life, she wasn’t asked anything. Bhabi taunted Meera for interfering which ruined the family, she referred to Bala and Anand. She told that his sons lived together, because she brought them up like that. She taunted that the children were ill taught in this house. Ramji came, questioned Bhabi. Jijabai said that there was nothing left to say. Lakshmi was ready to leave. Rama asked Ramji to stop her. Ramji told that he refused to talk on this matter. Lakshmi told everyone that this house have the best upbringing. Bhim Rao went to drop Lakshmi at the railway station. Lakshmi wished well for Lakshmi. Ramji asked the chawl members to return to their work, the show was over for today. Bhabi said that there would be no more show, home of the eldest son was ruined, house of middle child was about to be ruined. Only Bhim Rao was left. Meera had enough of Bhabi, she forbid her to talk. Jijabai asked Meera to behave. Rama asked Meera to let go. Bhabi said that she had the right to say, her family was together. She kept them together hence had to right to teach Meera that. Meera has ruined her family. Bhabhi’s son came to meet her. Bhabi was delighted to see them. She told them that everyone in this chawl had problems with each other. Her sons spoke, said that they have problems with each other as well. Bhabi was stunned.

Bhim Rao told that it wouldn’t be a problem. He will talk to Ramji, he decided to go and meet Anand and find a solution. Lakshmi refused, she said that she was fine. No one has to feel guilty for her. Lakshmi asked Bhim Rao to go.

Her sons told that they needed her signature to divide the property. Bhabi was confused, she knew that his sons were playing with her. They cannot live without her and wanted to have her back. She was taking them inside to talk this out. Meera stopped them, asked Bhabhi’s son to tell them their issue. They will try to help. The two brothers were tired of each other, their wife ate poison and left the house. The two brothers couldn’t tolerate another, they broke into a fight. Ramji tried to stop them. Meera taunted Bhabi for taunting and running her home, fate played her well. Bhabi’s own house was shaking right now. Bhim Rao, Anand and Bala have never pointed finger at each other’s wives like Bhabi’s son.

Ramji set the two brother’s apart. The sons asked their mother to sign the document and divide the property in half. Only then there would be nothing to fight for. Bhabi said that the two brothers were deciding on their won, their parents didn’t ask them to leave the house. Bhabi was about to sign the paper. Bhim Rao snatched the document. He gave the paper a read.

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