Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 21st September 2022 Written Episode Update: Pakhi Questions Virat About His Feelings For Sai

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 21st September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai asks Virat if she asked him why he married Pakhi or whose son is Vinayak, then why is he questioning her. Virat says why he married Pakhi and who is Vinayak is a long story, he first wants to know why is she with Jagtap. She says she doesn’t want to reply. He holds her hand tightly again and says he can’t believe she is with Jagtap who killed her father and brother. Vinayak enters. Virat leaves Pakhi’s hand. Vinayak tells Sai that he is feeling good after her taught exercise, asks how is Virat now. Pakhi walks in. Sai tells Pakhi that her husband needs rest, so she can give him a sleeping pill and make him rest. Vinayak insists to accompany Sai. Virat denies permission. Sai says Savi must be asleep now, so Vinayak can come tomorrow. Vinayak agrees.

Sai walks out and notices Mohit. Mohit thanks her for saving Virat and says Pakhi vahini was very much worried for Virat. Sai asks how is he. He says they asks how is he. He says his family went through a rough phase, but they learnt to live with each other’s support and Dr Sai need not worry about them. Pakhi tries to button Virat’s shirt. He stops her. She asks why didn’t he inform her that Sai is alive as he would have learnt about Sai when he meet Sai for Vinayak’s treatment.

Sai returns home sadly. Usha pampers her and asks her to have some food. Savi shows her drawing made for Virat and says its Vinayak’s family, similarly she wants her family with her Aayi and baba. She says she will also visit Virat tomorrow and will take him something to eat. Usha asks her to go and sleep now. She offers water to Sai. Sai notices her bruised hand and recalls Virat holding it tightly. She angrily throws water glass away and asks why did Virat return in her life. Pakhi repeats why didn’t he inform her about Sai. Virat says when he first met Sai, he was saving Savi. Pakhi says Sai informed her how he saved Savi. Virat says he was just doing his duty. Pakhi says she trusts him and just wants to know if he still has feelings for Sai.

Usha tells Sai that Savi has right to know who her father is. Sai says Savi wants a father like Virat. Usha asks how did she feel seeing Virat and Pakhi together. Virat telsl Pakhi that he cannot explain how he is feeling, he has a storm of questions in his mind, why didn’t Sai return when she was alive, his lost his son Vinayak because of Sai, Sai is living a peaceful life with her daughter. Pakhi asks how can Savi be Sai’s daughter as she is infertile, maybe Sai adopted Savi. Virat says Sai herself told that Savi is her biological daughter. Pakhi asks who is Savi’s father then. Virat says he doesn’t know, but he saw Sai with Jagtap who killed Kamal and Samrat; he feels like shooting Jagtap. Pakhi says even she questioned Sai about Jagtap, but Sai refused to answer. Virat shouts what is Sai’s problem.

Sai tells Usha that Virat doesn’t bother about her either before or now, he must have superficially searched for her and really didn’t want her back, he is questioning her relationship with Jagtap, Savi on the other side is fond of Virat, she doesn’t know what to do. Usha says Virat’s anger on her is a concern for her as he still loves her. Sai asks then why did he marry Pakhi. Usha says she should have questioned Virat about it, but instead she chose not to talk about her past; she should inform Virat about Savi for sure. Sai says Virat and Pakhi are married and they have a son, they have moved on in life, she was just virat’s responsibility which he fulfilled. Usha says Virat loves her. Sai says she lived with Virat for years, he is just attached to her just like any pet animal; she is sure Virat’s love for Pakhi must have awoken again and hence he married Pakhi, its her mistake that she came in between them and her death reunited them; god is playing a game and made her and Virat in front of each other, but what is Savi’s mistake in this.

Pakhi tells Vriat its a game of fate that Sai is Vinayak’s doctor, they are in a situation which they can’t come out of, she doesn’t know what would happen to their relationship now as they married because of Vinayak, Virat’s first wife and first true love Sai is alive now, things would change again between them now. Virat says nothing will change now and holds her hand, she is his wife and Vinayak’s mother. Sai says everything has changed. Usha says seeing her pain, it looks like she still loves Virat. Sai says no, she doesn’t have any relationship with Virat anymore. Virat tells Pakhi that Sai is no one to him now, they will return back to Nagpur and lead a normal life without talking about Sai again. Sai says she feels pain seeing Virat and Pakhi together moving ahead in life, she will bear it alone and will not let Savi know the truth.

Precap: Sai tells Pakhi that Virat may not like to be treated by her, but he is unfit to travel. Virat says she doesn’t need to worry about him as he is going home with his family and leaves holding Pakhi’s hand.

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