Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 23rd September 2022 Written Episode Update: Sai Gets Upset With Virat’s Behavior

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 23rd September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai breaks down seeing Virat and Pakhi’s bonding and tries to leave. Pakhi notices her and stops her. She thanks her for whatever she did for Virat and Vinayak. Sai addressing her as Mrs Chavan says she is a doctor and whatever she did was her duty, now its Mrs Chavan’s duty to take care of her husband. She suggests that Virat’s condition is still unable and he shouldn’t travel. Pakhi says Virat already took a decision and wouldn’t change it. Sai says she can understand and even its not right for her to stay here, Mrs Chavan should take care of Mr Chavan and Vinayak. Virat returns and asks Sai what is she doing here. Sai says as a doctor, its her duty to check her patient once and she would advice him not to travel as his wound is still raw.

Virat says she need not worry about him, thanks for treating him, she is not a last doctor in the world, he will get his treatment somewhere else and is going with his family. He asks Pakhi to come along and walks away holding her hand. Sai stands sadly seeing them leaving in their car. O Jogiya Milnegi Raat.. song plays in the background. Savi reaches there and notices Vinayak’s car going. Sai asks what is she doing here when she warned her not to come here alone. Savi says Vinayak’s father again took Vinayak away without meeting her. Sai asks her to forget Vinayak and tries to comfort her. Sai continues to cry vigorously.

Vinayak tells Virat that he couldn’t meet or speak to Savi and doctor aunty before leaving, so shall he call Savi and inform her at least. Virat refuses and says they will not return there, so he should forget Savi. Sai thinks Savi will not meet or know about her baba again. Usha says Savi writes on trees when will her baba come. Mohit stops car seeing a stone on road. Virat notices Savi’s message on tree. Pakhi asks who wrote it. Virat says some kids and prays that the kid’s father meets her/him soon. They reach home. Ashwini performs his aarti and feels happy seeing him. She introduces him to Harini. Virat greets Harini and questions her about her studies. Harini in her usual style says it was good until she was in a hostel, these people brought her here and think they can control their lives. Bhavani scolds her.

Sonali notices Karishma busy on phone and scolds her that her husband came after many years and she is not bothered at all. Shivani says they will celebrate Pakhi’s birthday today. Ashwini asks how are Savi and her mother. Virat asks her not to talk about them. Ashwini Virat why he scolded Vinayak when she asked him to bring Savi and her mother here and why is he angry again. Virat says he is tired and wants to rest.

Savi cries lying on her bed and says everyone gets angry on her and don’t love her, why police uncle repeatedly takes Vinu away without meeting her, she will never befriend anyone. Sai cries seeing Savi crying. Savi falls asleep. Virat looks at his and Sai’s photo with baby Vinayak and tears it angrily recalling Sai with Jagtap. He punches a cupboard. Pakhi stops him. Virat starts behaving lunatic and says Vinayak missed his school, so he will get Vinayak ready tomorrow and drop him off to school. Pakhi says they should reveal everyone that Sai is alive. Virat continues his lunatic behavior and says he is angry on her as she refused to celebrate her birthday and didn’t remind him about it.

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