Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 2nd October 2022 Written Episode Update: Bhavani And Sai’s Face Off

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 2nd October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Virat hugs Pakhhi emotoinally and apologizes her. Sai feels disheartened seeing that. Usha notices her and asks if its paining. Sai says she is not as she is out of all these emotions and is just focusing on her daughter’s bright future, she is here as Vinayak’s doctor and will treat Virat only as Vinayak’s father and nothing else. Usha asks where will they 3 women stay now. Sai says they are 3 self-reliant women, so Usha need not worry as she will manage. Bhavani gets ready to give speech on stage during some function. Omkar asks if she is nerovus. Bhavani says she is nervous worried for Vinayak, but has to attend the function. She leaves Omkar, Shivani, and Karishma.

Sai offers medicine to Ashwini, which she arrogantly rejects. Vinayak tells Savi that his baba wanted to take him to USA for treatment, but then changed his mind. He asks her where they would be staying. Pakhi hears that and asks Sai where will they stay, she will make some arrangments. Ashwini warns her to dare not invite them to Chavan nivas. Sai calling her madam says she need not worry as she would never return to Chavan nivas, she is self reliant and can manage herself, she already warned Virat not to show is money power on her, etc. Vinayak stands frowning hearing that.

Bhavani attends a navratri pandal satsang where the organizer praises Bhavani and calls her on stage for a speech. Karishma says Bhavani is being honored even at this age. Omkar says if he was allowed to continue family business, he would also have become famous like Bhavani. Shivani says Bhavani is different and praises her. Bhavani gives speech on stage. Savi feels hungry. Usha feeds her biscuit in water and asks Sai to find an accommodation for them soon as Savi can’t stay out for long. Savi hugs Sai and comforts her. Sai nervously makes a call to a lady to watch a flat. Lady attending satsang asks her to call her tomorrow as she is at a satsang. Sai says she can’t wait till tomorrow and wants to see her flat right now. Lady sends her satsang’s location and asks her to reach there, she will take her to her flat from there. Sai says this place is nearby and reaches there. Bhavani continuing her speech notices her.

Virat drapes blanket over sleeping Vinayak. Pakhi says she feels really happy seeing Vinayak sleeping peacefully. Virat thanks her for convincing Sai to treat Vinayak and says he didn’t know Sai would affect Vinayak so much. Pakhi says even he is affected wit her presence. Bhavani stops her speech seeing Sai. Karishma and Shivani think why Bhavani stopped her speech. They notice Sai nearby. Organizer asks Bhavani if she is fine and ends her speech. Sai speaks to the lady who agrees to show the flat and goes to meet organizer. Karishma walks to Sai and asks if she came to apologize. Sai says she didn’t do anything that she should apologise. Karishma says Sai’s attitude hasn’t changed a bit over years.
Virat asks Pakhi what does she mean. Pakhi says he seems most affected with Sai’s presence. Virat says he promised Sai not to bring their past in between Vinayak’s treatment, but he can’t forget seeing Sai and Jagtap together. Pakhi suggests him to forget the past and concentrate on ‘Vinayak’s treatment. He promises her.

A lady questions Karishma about Sai. Karishma says she is Virat’s ex-wife. Lady asks if Sai is Bhavani’s nephew’s wife. Bhavani enters and says Sai is not related to her or her family, her nephew’s first wife passed away long ago. She scolds Karishma to use her brain and not talk to strangers. Savi walks to Sai and asks if they can go now. Bhavani notices Savi and walks away frowning with her team. Mohit tells Pakhi that Shivani called and informed that Bhavani is very upset, so she and Virat should return home immediately. Pakhi asks what about Vinayak. Mohit says she need not worry as he will take care of Vinayak. They both head towards home.

At home, Ashwini asks Bhavani why she is upset. Omkar says Bhavani saw Sai at the function. Bhavani yells at Karishma for interacting with Sai and asks who called Sai there. Ashwini reveals that Pakhi called her from Kankavli to treat Vinayak. Bhavani yells how can Pakhi act so foolish being an intelligent woman. Ninad says Pakhi knows that only Sai can treat Vinayak. Bhavani yells not to start Sai puran now, everyone are fond of Sai. Ninad says Vinayak cannot even walk but walked on his feet just to meet Sai. Bhavani continues to curse Sai and says she will not tolerate Sai again at Chavan nivas.

Precap: Sai feels disheartened seeing Savi and Vinayak celebrating Virat and Pakhi’s wedding anniversary and singing Papa Ko Mummy Se Mummy Lo Papa Se Pyaar Hai…

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