Omkara : I don’t understand why you are appointing a body guard for me ? You know what I did with the earlier body guards.

Jhanvi : We are worried for you beta. Moreover your habit haven’t changed bit

Tej : This time you won’t be able to punch your body guard . Because your body guard is really very cute

Omkara : What ?

Jhanvi : Your body guard has arrived Omkara

Om turned back and looked there

Chulbul's reality to come to fore in Dil Boley Oberoi

Omkara : Abb kya yeh Tomboy mera body guard banega ? I feel pity on this guy. If I will punch this tom boy’s nose he won’t be able to bear that pain.

Jhanvi : Never do that. She will file case against you if you did it because she is a girl.

Omkara : What ?

She removed her cap and placed goggles and looked him in dabang style

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Omkara was stunned to see this.

“Hello Sir, Myself Gauri Kumari Sharma. Pyaar se log mujhe Chulbul Gauri kehate hein. ”

Omkara : Unbelievable , this crazy girl is my body guard ? And what was that get up ?

Gauri : Sir when the task was assigned to me I thought to bring some change . That’s why I came in that style.

Omkara : There is no space for any Tom boy…I mean Tom girl. I can take care off myself.

Tej : Om, she is appointed and we have given the advance salary also.

Omkara : But dad

Tej : Chulbul Gauri, be on duty from now onwards.

Gauri : Yes Sir.

Tej : You have to keep an eye on Omkara for 24 x 7. I need all details of his activities. You know what before whomever we appointed Om has beated tham badly . But he never does that with girls and that’s why we appointed you.

Jhanvi ; Om will refuse when you will accompany him. But don’t listen to him at any cost. You have to obey our orders.

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Gauri : Yes Mam. Chulbul Gauri Kumari Sharma is on duty now. Mam Can I wear my Tom Girl attire ? It will give me more confidence .

Omkara : Listen I am going to my art hub. That’s my professional area and I don’t want any Tom Girl there.

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Gauri ; But Sir, I have joined already and for one month I can’t leave you, Long Hair Boss.

Omkara : Mom,this is so irritating. Why she is calling me that way ?

Jhanvi smiled and said : Gauri just call her boss. That’s enough.

Gauri : Ji Mam

Omkara : Please don’t come in that tom boy get up Gauri.

Gauri : But your dad said I looks cute in that.

Omkara : Dad did you appointed her for protecting me , seriously ?

Gauri : Of course Boss. I have learned little a bit stunts too. I am cute yet bold body guard.

Omkara : For one month I need to bear this Tom Girl. God what kind of fate is mine ? Any ways dad-mom I am leaving.

Gauri : Say we both are leaving .

Omkara stared Gauri .

Omkara : I will be near the gate .

Omkara walks away .

Jhanvi : Gauri take care. Don’t tell him that who are you exactly  and why we appointed you. We will tell this to him when the right time arrives.

Gauri : Okay Mam. Bye Mam, bye Sir.

Omkara was waiting near the car.

Omkara : This is the key. Now drive the car

Gauri : Boss I am sorry. I don’t know driving.

Finally! Gauri and Omkara to REUNITE in 'Dil Boley Oberoi'? | India Forums

Omkara : Are you really body guard ? Strange !!! If you don’t know this then why you joined this job ?

Gauri : My job is to guard you only, Sir.

Omkara : God!!! Damn this girl!! Abb chale .

Gauri : Ji

Omkara : One thing you always wear this goggles

Gauri : That’s my style. And don’t worry I will wear that one during the chase fight scenes for giving intro scene of myself .

Omkara : Intro scene

Gauri : Just like Salman Khan as Chulbul Pandey in Dabbang. Hum tumhare itne ched karenge kee tum confuse ho jawonge .

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Omkara : Bas bas!! Your dialogue delivery is nice.  Please remove it. Shall we go ?

Gauri : Ji Boss

Rikara arrives on Art Hub.

Gauri : Boss where is the washroom ?

Omkara : It’s there .

Gauri : Thank you

Gauri again comes in Chulbul get up.

Dil Boley Oberoi | Omkara Stabs Chulbul - YouTube

Omkara : So you always takes dress, cap , glasses with you for doing it ?

Gauri : Boss you don’t know the power of this get up. I get more confidence when I will be in this get up.

Omkara : You are crazy.

Suddenly some one called “Om”

Rikara gets surprised to see a girl there

Dil Bole Oberoi: Svetlana will learn about Chulbul's devious plan |

Gauri felt in mind : Oh!! So now there is a Chipkali too . Why in every love tale there is a Sautan ?

“Om, who is this cute Tom boy ?”

Omkara : Tom girl only. Swethlana she is my new body guard, Chulbul Gauri

Swethlana : How cute is she ? Hi , nice to meet you.

Gauri : Hello Sulthana Mam.

Swethlana : Not Sulthana, I am Swethlana. Om’s P.A.

Gauri in mind : Hey Sankar Ji , yaani hamari prem kahani mein ek shoorpanaga kee entry . Kyun acche khaase Ram-Sita kee jodi ke beech mein Aisi Rakshasi ko bhejti ho ?

Swethlana : What are you thinking , Gauri ?

Gauri : Nothing. Did you came alone ?

Swethlana : I always comes alone here. What kind of question is this ?

Gauri : Kitne bacche hein aapki ?

Swethlana : OMG!!! Do you really think I am mom of some kids . I should do a make up now

Omkara : Swethlana already you are stylish diwa. There is no need of any make up.

Dil Bole Oberoi: 17th March 2017 written update Swetlana turns revengeful  against Chulbul

Swethlana ; That’s so sweet of you Mr. Handsome Hunk

Gauri thought : Is she just a P.A or a Flirty Girl ? Kuch bhi bolti hein. But she said truth only. He is really handsome. Any girl will stare him.

AN :Hey guys, tell me what you feel after reading this one ? I felt to write on DBO in different way and wrote this one. Please read and tell your views. 


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