Gud Se Mitha Ishq 20th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Chandini Manipulates Noor Against Pari

Gud Se Mitha Ishq 20th September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pari silently enters Noor’s room and keeps chocolates for her. Nimrit watches her hiding and thinks Pari is luring Noor with chocolates to befriend her. Pari realizes she forgot to give her one more chocolate and returns to room. Nimrit provokes Noor that Pari is taunting her with chocolates. Noor rudely pushes Pari out of her room and shuts door on her face. Nimrit smirks seeing that.

Neel waits at the competition venue and gets tensed when he finds his pendrive missing. He calls Kaju and asks her to find his pendrive as its very important for the competition. Bhoomi hears their conversation and notcies pendrive on floor. She steps on the pendrive and asks Kaju if she is searching something. Kaju says Neel’s pendrive. Bhoomi steps on it and says she should search in the room then. Kaju say she is right and rushes to room. Bhoomi thinks Neel will get pendrive via someone else with a different data in it. Pavitra asks Kaju what is she searching. Kaju says Dev’s pendrive. Bhoomi drags Pavitra out and shows her pendrive.

Pari sits sadly in her room. Dev brings dress for Pari. Pari feels happy. Dev says he brought similar dress for Noor. Pari recalls Noor humiliating her and asks him to give it to Noor himself. Dev gives dress to Chandini. Chandini provokes Noor that Dev brought dress for her and even Pari as he wants to give Chandini’s place to Pari and even Noor’s. Noor angrily tears the dress.

Pavitra acts as finding a pendrive and gives it to Kaju. Kaju reaches Neel’s competition venue and hands over pendrive to him. Neel’s turn comes and when he opens pendrive, it has a music instead of photographs. Judges disqualify him from competition. Neel and Kaju return home sadly. Bhoomi and Pavitra act as happy and demand party from Neel. Neel says he was disqualified from the competition and walks to his room. Kaju discusses with Bhoomi and Pavitra that she handed over wrong pendrive to Neel by mistake. They show their fake sympathy and laugh behind her.

Pari wears Dev’s brought dress. Dev notices Noor tearing her dress and accusing Pari that she wants to snatch him from her. Dev tries to explain, but Noor continues her frustration and runs away. Chandini stops Dev from going behind Noor.

Precap: Pari tries to calm down Noor while climbing stairs. Noor pushes her down by mistake. Pari falls down unconscious.

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