Gud Se Mitha Ishq 21st September 2022 Written Episode Update: Pari Befriends Noor

Gud Se Mitha Ishq 21st September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandini says Noor is a kid and is reacting seeing the things around. She says Dev is giving his whole time to Pari and ignoring Noor, he is being careless now, etc. Neel feels distressed after being disqualified from the competition. Pavitra walks to him and shows fake sympathy towards him. She blames Kaju for not checking pendrive before giving it to Neel. Kaju enters with tea for Neel. Pavitra pushes her hand. Kaju drops tea on Neel’s hand and gets worried for him. Pavitra says its an inauspicious day for Neel today. Neel says he can’t understand how the pendrive got songs which they don’t even listen. He asks Pavitra not to enter his and Kaju’s room without permission. Pavitra says they are friends. Neel says he is Kaju’s husband first. Pavitra walks away angrily. Neel comforts Kaju and says he will participate in a competition again and will for sure.

Pavitra walks to Bhoomi and vents out her frustration there. Bhoomi asks her to calm down. Pavitra whatever she is trying to ruin Kajal’s image in front of Neel, Neel is trusting Kaju more. Neel tells Kaju that he is sure it was Pavitra’s conspiracy, they need to send her out of the house somehow. Kaju says let her handle Pavitra in her own style. She walks to Pavitra and says they want to help her move on. Pavitra fears if Neel wants to get her out of his house. Kaju shows Pavitra’s matrimonial profile online and says they uploaded it for Pavitra. Neel says Pavitra can discuss her likes and dislikes with Bhoomi who can fill them in her profile. Pavitra stands shocked.

Pari tries to calm down Noor and asks her not to misunderstand Dev as he loves her a lot. Noor says she is lying or else Dev would have kicked Pari out of the house by now. She pushes Pari from stairs. Pari falls down unconscious. Dev rushes to Pari and asks noor if she pushed Pari down. Chandini asks not to allege Noor. Pari wakes up and says she was playing with Noor and fell down by herself. She asks Noor to play with her again and sends Dev away. Noor agrees and walks with her. She asks why did she protect her from Dev’s wrath. Pari says she cannot let a cute girl being scolded. Noor says she is like her classmate Shweta who acts good in front of her and then badmouths behind her. Pari says she really wants to befriend her as her whole family is her friend, but its okay if Noor doesn’t want to.

Noor notices Pari’s wrist injured and nurses her injury. They both bond well. Noor asks why she wants to separate her from her father. Pari says she wants to reunite her with her father and in fact she can visit them when Dev is in room, they all 5 can play together. Noor asks who 5. Pari says they both, Dev, and her 2 dolls. Pavitra fumes seeing her matrimonial ad getting responses. Kaju and Neel check her profile and decide to meet the boys. Bhoomi tells Pavitra that she told Kaju that she wants to move on, so she should bear the consequences now. Neel tells Kaju that Pavitra will not meet boys as she doesn’t want to move on at all. Kaju says she will make sure that Pavitra meets boys.

Nimrit and Chandini return from shopping. She says Chandini would enjoy a lavish life if she srtays here. Dev walks to her and says he has a business deal tomorrow and wants to call clients home. Nimrit says she will perapre food for client and impress them. Chandini says she will help Nimrit as she is also part of this family, anyways there is no one else to help.

Precap: Noor plays with a gun. Pari asks her to keep it down and trying to snatch it, gun fires and Noor falls down unconscious.

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