Gud Se Mitha Ishq 22nd September 2022 Written Episode Update: Chandini Furious To See Noor and Pari’s Friendship

Gud Se Mitha Ishq 22nd September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dev tells Nimrit that he has invited a few clients home for lunch. Nimrit says she will prepare sumptuous food for them. Chandini says she will help Nimrit as there is no one to help Nimrit. She says she wants to befriend him forgetting about their past and extends a friendship hand. Dev ignores her and walks away calling Pari. Chandini stands fuming. Nimrit says she has to control her anger if she wants to stay with Dev. Kaju with Neel shows boys’ profiles to Pavitra and asks her to select one. Pavitra rejects them all throwing tantrums. Kaju says she can meet them personally as photos may not look perfect. Pavitra leaves saying she is feeling unwell.

Dev notices Pari and Noor mingling well and playing with a doll. Even Nimrit and Chandini notice that. Nirmit tells Dev its good Pari and Noor are befriending now. Chandini returns to her room and panics saying her daughter is befriending lunatic Pari and is drifting away from her slowly. Nimrit says she should let Noor be with Pari so that Dev notgices how dangerous Pari is.

Pavitra walks to Neel’s room and expresses how much she loves him. Neel asks her to stop thinking about him and move on in life. Kaju walks in and says she got a surprise for Pavitra. Pavitra’s dad Mr Bhalla walks in. Pavitra asks what is he doing here. Bhalla says Kaju informed him that Pavitra wants to forget her past and move on in life. Pavitra hugs him. Bhalla says a boy Kabir is coming to see her tonight. Kaju says she will get Pavitra ready and hopes Pavitra and Kabir like each other. Pavitra says let us fix marriage directly instead of seeing each other. Kaju say she needs to meet Kabir once as she has to spend her whole life with him. Pavitra says if dad has met Kabir, they should fix alliance and marriage date. Kaju stands speechless.

Dev sings and plays guitar for Noor and Pari. Chandini fumes seeing that. Pari and Noor ask Dev to sing more. Dev says a few guests are coming for business, so the both should stay inside room until he calls them and shouldn’t fight. They both agree and continue to play. Nimrit tells Chandini its a right chance to show Dev how dangerous Pari is and notice difference between Pari and Chandini. Pari and Nooor play hide and seek. Nimrit says Chandini will meet guests as Dev’s wife. Pari says she will go. Nimrit manipualtes Pari.

Kabir’s family comes to meet Pavitra. Kaju and Neel bring Pavitra. Bhalla reminds Pavitra that Kabir is her childhood friend. Kabir says if papa and Mr Bhalla are okay with this alliance, he doesn’t have any problem with it. Nutan asks Pavitra to serve tea to guests. She does and repeatedly looks at Dev’s mobile. Neel and Kaju bring engagement rings. Bhalla and Kabir’s dad ask Pavitra and kabir to exchange rings. Pavitra sends her and Dev’s intimate pics from Dev’s mobile silently. Kabir stands shocked seeing pics.

Precap: Noor plays with a gun. Pari asks her to keep it down and trying to snatch it, gun fires and Noor falls down unconscious. Dev notices gun in Pari’s hand.

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