Gud Se Mitha Ishq 23rd September 2022 Written Episode Update: Pari Injures Noor

Gud Se Mitha Ishq 23rd September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kabir is about to exchange rings with Pavitra when he gets Pavitra and Neel’s intimate pics from Neel’s mobile. Pavitra recalls stealing Neel’s mobile and sending pics. Kabir shows pics to Neel and asks what kind of joke is this. Neel says he and Pavitra dated long ago and now he is married, there is some misunderstanding. Kabir asks why did he send these pics via his mobile. Neel stands shocked and finds is mobile missing. Kabir and his parents tongue lashes Neel and walk away breaking alliance. Pavitra starts drama and says she knew Neel still loves her and doesn’t want to forget her. Neel realizes it was her drama.

Dev’s clients get impressed with his hospitality and sign a business contract with him. Pari enters and felcitiates clients smearing kumkum on their forehead and garlding them. Clients get angry. Dev tries to stop Pari. Pari says she is his wife and its her right to felicitate his guests. Chandini enters and tries to indirectly humiliate Pari and gain Dev’s sympathy. Dev stops her and introduces Pari as his wife who is specially abled and very special to him. He says it was Pari’s way to felicitate them and apologizes them if they are offended. He says he values relationships more than business and its up to them whether they want to accept the deal or not. Clients like Dev’s honesty and accept his business contract, leaving Chandini and Nimrit fuming in jealousy.

Pavitra’s father tells Pavitra that he realized her drama and warns her to return home or else he will destroy Dev. Pavitra warns to commit suicide if he harms Dev or tries to get her back home. Father acts as apologetic and requests her to have a dinner with her at a restaurant. She agrees and accompanies him. Neel expresses his helpless in front of Nutan in keeping Kaju happy and unable to handle Pavitra’s drama. Nutan comforts him. Dhruv notices

Next day, Pari and Noor play making sound. Chandini feels irritated. Nimrit says if Dev’s business deal would have canceled, Dev would have got angry on Pari, but their plan failed. Nutan tries to talk to Dhruv. Dhruv compalinns that she loves only Dev, Pari, and now Kaju and never loved him. Nutan gets emotional and says he is her special child and she always wants to see him and Bhoomi happy. Dhruv apologizes and emotionally hugs her.

Pari and Noor play hide and seek in room. Noor acting as police finds Dev’s licensed gun and points at Pari. Pari asks her to keep it back as its dangerous. Noor says its a fake gun. Pari tries to snatch it from her and in their scuffle Noor gets hurt and falls down unconscious. Pari wakes up holding gun. Dev enters and asks what did she do. He tries to wake up Noor. Chandini enters and accuses Pari of shooting Noor.

Precap: Dev stops Pari from meeting Noor again. Nimrit provokes Pari to leave Dev for Noor and Chandini’s sake.

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