Gud Se Mitha Ishq 27th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Kaju And Pari Leave Their Homes

Gud Se Mitha Ishq 27th September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Neel gets angry on Kaju when he finds his appointment letter inn a dustbin. Kaju says she threw it in dustbin thinking it as a piece of paper. Neel shouts it was his appointment letter, he never thought she is so dumb, he made a mistake that he married her. Kaju stands shattered while he walks away kick at a dustbin. Pavitra says she need not worry as Neel would return to her once his anger calms down. She suggests her to do one thing if she wants Neel to get a job. Kaju meets Pavitra’s father Mr Bhalla who promises to get Neel a job if Kaju divorces Neel and gets out of his life. He hands over divorce papers to Kaju and asks her to think about it.

Pari leaves home recalling Dev’s rude behavior and walks senselessly to a park. Kaju also walks to the same park and sits on the same bench recalling Neel’s bitter words. Bas Itna Hai Tumse Kehna… song plays in the background. Kaju notices Pari and asks what is she doing here. Pari expresses her ordeal and says Dev doesn’t love her anymore. Kaju also explains her ordeal and says even Neel doesn’t love her. She asks Pari to return home as she is going to stay somewhere for some time. Pari also insists her to take her along. Kaju reaches a room she rented and asks Pari to return home. Pari gets adamant to stay with her. Kaju’s divorce papers fly away.

Mr Bhalla tells Pavitra that he is doing all this for her and asks her not to talk about suicide again. Pavitra hopes Kaju signs divorce papers. Dev returns home and calls Pari. Nimrit asks him if he will not throw a party for winning a business contract which Pari had spoilt. Dev says Chandini used to love partying and agrees to throw a party at home. Neel misses Kaju and thinks where she must have gone.

Chandini gives Pari’s sports event schedule to Dev and says she is just reminding him that he has a daughter who needs his attention. Dev promises to attend Noor’s sports event. Noor gets happy hearing that and prepares milkshake for Dev. They both share a good bonding. Noor asks if he really will attend her sports event. He says yes, then calls Pari. Nimrit lies that Pari is resting and asks not to worry about her. Noor takes Dev along to play with her. Nimrit thinks she will soon kick Pari out of Dev’s house.

Precap: Nell gets angry on Pavitra when she informs that Kaju left him seeing her love for him and starts badmouthing about Kaju. Neel warns her not to badmouth about his wife. Pari asks Kaju if she still loves Neel after what he did. Kaju says love is forever.

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