Gud Se Mitha Ishq 30th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Nutan Regrets Getting Pari Married To Dev

Gud Se Mitha Ishq 30th September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

In the morning, Dhruv asks to wake up and work as Kaju is not at home. Bhoomi in half sleep murmurs that she knows as Bhalla uncle got Kaju’s signatures on divorce papers and sent her away. Dhruv gets angry and asks if she knew about it. Bhoomi wakes up nervous and says Pavitra informed her. Dhruv warns that if she is involved in all this and if Kaju doesn’t return home, he will divorce her. Bhoomi gets tensed hearing that.

Neel gets sad after failing to locate Kaju. Dev rushes to Khurana house and calls Pari. Neel and Dhruv inform that Pari is not at home and has left home with Kaju. Dev stands confused. Rajat joins them and explains that fight with wife is common, even Nutan used to fight with him and used to shift to her mother’s house. Dev tells Neel that Kaju must have gone to her mother’s house, so even they should go there. Nutan stops them and says she and Rajat wants to talk to Dev and Neel. Rajat scolds Neel for mistrusting Kaju just for a piece of paper and forcing her to leave the house and asks him to learn to trust his wife in every situation.

Nutan tells Dev that he shouldn’t think of Pari again as its their mistake to get Pari married to him, Pari has brain of a 12-year-old kid and cannot live with a mature married man and he should be happy with Chandini and Noor. Dev describes how Nimrit manipulated Pari while he trusted Nimrit as his mother and describes whole incident. Nutan gets convinced and reveals that Kaju and Pari are at Pallavi’s house.

Dev packs his bags to visit Kaju’s village to convince Pari and bring her back home. Chandini requests him to attend Noor’s sports event as Noor is very excited to introduce Dev to her friends. Dev agrees to stay back for a day. Kaju teaches Pari how to interact with tourists as a tourist guide. Her friends Gayatri and Nandini visit her and ask what is she doing here. Kaju feels happy meeting her friends and says she will tell them whole story latter. She asks them to update her if they find any job for her as she gets bored staying at home. They inform her about a singing and dancing competition at a nearby place. Kaju asks Pari to show her singing skills. Friends convince Kaju to show her dancing skills. Kaju agrees and participates in the competition next day with Pari.

Precap: Dev and Neel convince Pari and Kaju to return back home with them.

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