Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 11th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Amma bribes Resham Pal

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 11th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rajjo assuring Gabbar that he will become special officer and asks him to get the uniform stitched. She says she will confirm it once Happu returns home. Happu sits down on the bed. Rajjo asks did you talk to Commissioner Saheb. Happu says just now he came and asked her to let him take breath. Rajjo asks him to tell his answer, then only she will think what to do. Happu says I talked to Commissioner, just as I whispered your father’s name in his ears, he got upset. He says Resham Pal said that Gabbar can’t become Special officer, as his life is not good. Chamchi comes there and says Dadi is calling you. Happu goes. Rajjo thinks what to tell Papa?

Dada ji asks Amma how she will look in uniform. Happu comes there. Amma tells that his father wants to see her in uniform so she told that they will take selfie. Happu asks Amma to forget about it. He says Resham Pal slapped form on my face and said that Amma’s selection can’t happen. Amma gets furious. Happu says I pleaded infront of him, but he didn’t listen. Dada ji asks amma to hear what he is saying. Amma says you didn’t say even two words to him. Happu says I said ok sir. Amma asks what Resham Pal said? Happu says I can’t bear your anger, asks Amma to have drink in night.

Amma comes to Resham Pal’s house. Resham Pal opens the window and sees Amma standing. He says Amma ji, didn’t you get sleep. Amma says I didn’t get sleep so I thought to talk to you. She says you have rejected my application for special officer. Resham Pal says more competent persons had filed the application. He says what to do? Amma says I shall get this post, and says don’t know how many days are left. Resham Pal says next year, your name will be selected. Amma says she is forced to do something which she don’t want to. She shows him something. Resham Pal gets stunned. Amma gives him achaar. Resham Pal thanks her.

Next day, Happu asks Amma why she is so calm, if she is fine. Beni says this calmness is like before the storm hits. Rajjo asks them to have tea. Resham Pal comes there. Happu asks Resham Pal to give the bad news. Resham Pal says Mata ji’s selection have happened. Happu asks how? Rajjo goes to bring sweets. Resham Pal gives uniform to Amma, asks her to change it and come with him. Amma thanks him. Beni congratulates Amma and says he is proud of her. Amma goes to change.

Happu asks Resham pal why did he do this? Resham pal says he was helpless, as Amma came to his house last night and showed his weakness, that he couldn’t refuse. Happu says I told you to get all the MMS deleted. Resham Pal says he melted seeing Achaar. Happu is upset.

Vimlesh tells Rajjo that Happu did this intentionally. Rajjo says if Papa gets traumatized. Gabbar calls Rajjo. Rajjo picks the call. Gabbar gets angry on her and asks if he had raised them to see this day. Rajjo says he had recommended your name, but. Gabbar says I am outsider. He says you have broken all my dreams and ends the call. Rajjo says Papa is in trauma.

Happu and Beni come there and get afraid seeing their wives angry. Rajjo and Vimlesh confront Happu and Beni. Beni says I had told him, but he didn’t listen. Happu says I tried a lot, but his bad habits drowned him. Rajjo says you have great thoughts about my father, I will not forget and will not let you both forget.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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