Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 1st November 2022 Written Episode Update: A big shocker for Happu and Beni

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 1st November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Amma telling Happu that she saw a good dream. Happu says may be you saw the dream that I am giving gold bangles to you and nothing to rajjo. Amma says she wants him to become ACP. Happu says his promotion is far. Amma tells that Sarita had gone to a baba for her son and her son went to foreign. Rajjo says all babas are imposters. Happu says Rajjo is right. He says they scare people with the blind faith and loot people. Amma asks him to meet Baba once. Rajjo says they just loot people. Amma says you always don’t let me keep my word. Happu says he wants promotion and insists to meet Baba.

Kat and Kamlesh as Baba and Cheli, are in Happu’s house. Amma greets him. Kamlesh asks what she wants to know. He says he can’t do puja for long age. Kat says baba has solution of every problem. Amma says she has control on her son and daughter in law. She asks him to get his promotion done. Rajjo says you are saying as if the promotion will happen. Amma asks baba to make them believe. Kamlesh/baba says he can find out everything and can tell all the secrets. Rajjo says sorry, and tells that she don’t believe him. Kamlesh says stop it balika, you are doubting my powers. Happu apologizes. Kamlesh says you want proofs and tells about the moles on happu’s body. Kat asks Kamlesh to tell about Vimlesh. Kamlesh tells about Beni’s moles. Rajjo folds her hands and apologizes, saying she couldn’t identify his powers. Amma says jai ho baba.

Later Amma overhears Rajjo and Vimlesh speaking that if baba blesses them then they will become rich. Rajjo says it is possible when baba blesses us and asks her to help her fast. Amma thinks their dream will be shattered. Vimlesh asks Rajjo to make tasty food. Amma thinks time has come to teach them a lesson. Kamlesh and Kat have the food. Amma asks when Happu will become ACP. Happu asks him to say. Kamlesh says if kesar was added in kheer then it would be good. Amma says it is not good. Kamlesh tells Amma that there is a good chance, he has to do puja with his dharm patni to become ACP. Amma says he will do puja. Kamlesh whispers to Kat. Kat says baba has no solution. Rajjo asks what is written in the kundali? Kamlesh says someone gave them betrayal for life. Happu asks him to say and says he is in tension. Kamlesh says Happu, the woman who is standing with you, is not your wife. Happu says I have married her with all the rituals, she is my dharam patni. Kat asks Rajjo if she had taken rounds with him. Rajjo says you did my bidaai, but I didn’t take rounds. Happu asks who took rounds with me? Rajjo says Vimlesh. Vimlesh looks on tensed. Beni is shocked. Amma asks who is the wife then?

Beni is in shock and confronts Vimlesh for taking rounds with Happu. He says I don’t know with whom you are married to. Vimlesh tells that she has taken rounds with him also, and says she is his with her body, heart and wealth. Beni is upset and calls her bhabhi ji. Vimlesh says it was matter of Papa’s respect that day as Rajjo had eloped. Beni asks how did you sit for the rounds. He says if Rajjo had not come, then you would be at Happu’s house and would have been his 9 kids mother. He requests her to leave and then gets angry.

Happu is in the room and cries holding one of the triplets. He says a big mountain broke on him today, the baby pees on his face. Happu says he can’t say his line. Rajjo comes there. Happu confronts her and asks with whom she had eloped on marriage day. Rajjo says with my boyfriend.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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