Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 22nd September 2022 Written Episode Update: Rajjo takes Happu to her side

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 22nd September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Amma asking Rajjo to bring the breakfast. Rajjo brings the food. Hritik says he couldn’t eat this food. Rajjo says it is food and not entertainment stuff that you get bored. Amma asks her to see Happu, and says he has everything whatever is fed to him, and tells rajjo that she didn’t give them good values, else they wouldn’t have made fun of food. Kat says we respect food. Happu acts as a kid and asks Amma to give lollypop. Amma says teeth get spoiled with lollypop. Happu says ok. Amma asks Rajjo to see how obedient is Happu? Chamchi asks Hritik if he had chips. Hritik says yes. They fight. Rajjo scolds them for fighting. Amma praises Happu. Kamlesh says anything is possible with fear. Amma calls him near her and slaps him. Chamchi throws curd on Hritik. Hritik moves away and it falls on Happu’s face. Happu cries. Kamlesh takes him to washroom and cleans him. He wipes his ears and teeth. Happu says I will complain to Amma and also Kat Didi. Kamlesh says if you take bath always, then you will get fever. He asks him to go to his room. Happu comes to his room and hears Rajjo talking to some Pratap, and asking him to accept and marry her. Happu asks what is going on, and asks you didn’t think about the children. Rajjo says you didn’t think when you acted to be a child. She asks him to see that the phone is off and tells that she was acting to expose him. She says you acted with me. Happu says I was helpless and my chutney is made everytime. He says that’s why I became a 5 years old child. Rajjo says you had gone to Gupta party. Happu says Beni took me. Rajjo says if you had told me, then what I would have done. Happu says he was afraid and that’s why he didn’t tell. He starts doing sits ups. Rajjo asks him to do as she says and says she will defeat Amma.

Hritik tells Chamchi and Ranbir that he will not leave Master ji for questioning their parents for their upbringing. Master ji comes there. Hritik says we will not hear whatever wrong you have said about Papa. Master ji asks how can your Papa become a child. Chamchi says he became a child after he got head injury. They ask him to meet the little Happu who is having good values. Master ji says ok. Beni asks Happu what happened to him. Happu tells him that Rajjo asked him to do opposite of what he was doing, drink wine and gamble, do all the bad things. Beni says I am feeling bad for you and my sympathy is with you. Happu sees Rajjo and Amma coming there. He starts acting. Rajjo tells Amma that she has given good values to Happu. Amma says you couldn’t understand it. Rajjo makes Amma see that Happu is gambling with Paan seller and Beni, and saying he has won. She says beni must have forced him to play, else it is not your values. Amma gets angry, says she is having headache and goes. Rajjo says I can understand your pain.

The kids bring Master ji to their home. They all see Happu gambling and get shocked. Master ji says your Papa is gambling openly, he don’t have good values. Hritik, Chamchi and Ranbir tell that Papa is mischievous in childhood too. Hritik says we shall make him mend his ways. Amma slaps Happu and scolds him for gambling openly. Happu says no and talks normally with her. He says he didn’t tell her fully. Happu says I couldn’t get sleep without gambling. Amma asks him to mend his ways else she will gamble. Happu asks her not to become dangerous Amma. Amma beats him. Rajjo and Vimlesh looks at them. Vimlesh says you are playing with Amma. Rajjo says I am her bahu. Happu tells Beni that he is trapped badly. Beni asks him to drink much and forget everything. Happu says the guy shall have a free mind. He says I became sanskari son for Maa and spoilt guy for wife. Beni tells the saying The washerman’s dog was neither of the house nor of the seashore. Happu gets angry. Beni asks him to eat pakoda and squeezes the sauce, which falls on Happu’s shirt. Kamlesh comes there and calls Happu. He asks if he is drinking. Happu says it is milk. Kamlesh scolds him. Happu asks him not to beat him. Kamlesh takes him from there. Beni laughs.

No Precap.

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