Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 27th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Rajjo’s idea to cancel Kat’s alliance

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 27th September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rajjo asking Happu to stop Kat’s marriage as he promised Kat. Happu is afraid of Minister. Rajjo says the marriage will not happen if Minister refuses. Hritik says we will not let this marriage happens and threatens to burn the house. Chamchi says she will teach a lesson to Mantri. Ranbir says he will break his head. Happu asks if you are growing in a goon’s house. Rajjo gets an idea that if their family is insulted then Minister will not let his son marry Kat.

Manohar kisses money standing in the PS. Someone snatches notes from his hand and pulls his cheeks. A lady comes there and greets Happu. Manohar says they have personal work with her. she asks what is the work? Happu says he is stuck in a big problem. The lady asks what to do? Manohar says you have to become Happu Sir’s baby’s mother. She says he has already 9 kids. Manohar says you just have to say this infront of Minister. Happu says it is my helplessness. The lady agrees. Happu asks her to keep this matter to herself.

Next day, Dayashankar comes to Happu’s house with his son’s alliance. Amma says you came here to an ordinary Inspector’s house. Minister says since his son saw Kat, he is mad about her. He says it is good destiny that the alliance will be fixed in a sanskari house. Rajjo says my Amma drinks from daytime. She says Kat went on her Dadi. Amma says when we have relation with you, then we will get international stuff. She says she don’t get sleep without having it. Vimlesh says my jiju takes bribes, but gives some to poor also. Rajjo lies big. Amma asks him to make the engagement done fast. Jhaagwanti comes there and cries. Happu asks why did you come here, Mantri ji has come here. Jhaagwanti says she will talk infront of Minister. She says she is pregnant with Happu’s child. Rajjo acts and asks Happu what she is saying. Happu says I will talk to you later and asks her to go. Rajjo acts and cries. Amma slaps Happu and asks if I will become 10th child dadi. She asks Happu to give her some money and settle the matter. Jhaagwanti says the matter will be out after 9 months. Minister PA says he has urgent work and goes.

Jhaagwanti comes to Happu. Happu gives her money. Jhaagwanti asks her to tell if he has any work. Her husband comes there and threatens to beat Happu, thinking his wife is having an affair with him. He shows the stick to Happu. Happu gets beaten by him. He comes to the PS. Manohar says it seems someone has beaten you up. Resham Pal comes to PS. Happu says Jhaagwanti’s husband had beaten me up so much. Resham Pal asks why? Manohar tells him. Resham Pal says very good, it is good that Mantri ji refuses. Minister’s PA calls him and tells that they will be coming to meet them again. Happu is tensed. Rajjo and Amma appreciate Happu for saving Kat’s life. Kat says Papa is great. Happu tells Beni that the Minister is coming again. Rajjo and Bimlesh take them to celebrate with them. Happu asks them to stop partying and tells them the truth. Rajjo gets worried. Amma says I have better treatment for that Mantri.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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