Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 29th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Kat and Minto’s roka happens

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 29th September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Minister coming to Happu’s house with Minto for engagement. Rajjo says we didn’t think that we will see this day. Vimlesh says Kat can’t show face to anyone due to excessive happiness. Minto says they shall get engaged. Amma and Gabbar come there in different costume. Amma says she is going to Switzerland with Gabbar. Happu and Rajjo pretend to scold her. Amma says she has not enjoyed her life yet, and shall explore. Rajjo says such thing doesn’t suit you. Vimlesh scolds Gabbar. Gabbar says she is my friend. Rajjo asks Amma not to get them insulted and says what they will think. Amma says we are just going to just roam. Rajjo says our respect will be ruined. The kids ask why is she doing this? Kat asks do you want to break my alliance. Happu apologizes to Minister, and says I am feeling suffocated thinking your respect will be ruined. He asks him to break the alliance with them. Minister says you are right and says my understanding is not narrow minded. He says he likes Amma’s wandering ways and offers to take her to London. Amma is shocked. Minister gives them gift and asks them to do the engagement fast.

Later Kat cries and tells Malaika that all her dreams broke, Malaika asks her not to cry. Kat says my destiny has broken. Malaika asks her not to take tension and asks her to elope from the marriage. Kat says one day marriage will also happen. Malaika gets someone’s call and ends it. The guy calls her again. Malaika picks the call. The guy is her friend and offers her to come out with him. Malaika gets an idea and agrees. She tells Kat that her work will be done.

Dada ji is upset with Amma as he lied. Amma says she lied for Kat. Gabbar comes there and says he couldn’t sleep thinking about Switzerland trip. Dada ji asks her to ask him to go from there. Amma says she lied to get rid of Minister’s alliance. Gabbar asks Amma to come out with him. Amma says she can’t go anywhere in this age. She says she wants to go to Haridwar. Gabbar says he will come with her.

Amma says good night. Malaika and Kat come to Happu and Rajjo. Malaika says they thought of a plan to stop the marriage. They show Minto in a bag. Happu asks what did you do? Kat says we didn’t have any other way out. Malaika asks him to handle the dead body. It turns out to be Happu’s dream. Happu cries and tells Rajjo about his dream. Rajjo asks if Mantri’s son died in sleep? She says his age will increase now. Happu says I am worried about my daughter. He says I will talk to Resham Pal, will not let my daughter marry Minto.

Minto is with his friends. His friends tell that they will miss him and have to stares girls alone. Minto says he will not change. Malaika calls Minto and says she don’t want him to be ruined. She tells that her didi is having an affair with someone and asks him to take U turn. He asks for proofs. Minto doesn’t believe her and asks her to make video call to Kat. Malaika makes video call to Ranbir. Ranbir shows her Kat having icecream with Shiv. Minto gets upset.

Two girls come to Resham Pal and complain to him that Minto teased them. Resham Pal thinks to take the matter in their favor and asks them not to move back from their words. He gets a call and says ok sir. Happu says shall we write the report. Resham Pal says I will complain to Minister’s wife and assures justice to them. The girls leave. Happu asks what did you do? Resham Pal says I was helpless, DIG called me and asked me not to write the complaint.

No Precap.

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