Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 29th September 2022 Written Episode Update

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 29th September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Happu buying sweets from the shop. Jhaagwanti comes there and asks for help. She tells that she is getting separated from her husband as he is doubting her affair with him. Jhaagwanti holds his hand and hugs him. Happu is shocked. Her husband comes there and sees her hugging him. He scolds her and threatens to beat Happu with iron rod. Happu asks where is it? He beats him.

Master ji asks the kids if they have values or not, seeing them making videos. Hritik says your school is benefitting with this video and will get famous. Ranbir says we shall make video with you so that you get famous too.

Dayanand and Mintu come to see Kat. The family members pretend to be habitual to drinking. PA asks Dayanand not to drink much. Rajjo asks Kat to take Minto to side. She tells poetry for Minister.

Master ji comes there and tells Happu that his kids are not having any values. Rajjo scolds him. Vimlesh asks Happu to drink a peg and scold Master ji. Happu threatens Master ji. Master ji says now I understood why the kids are spoilt. Happu calls him near and then slaps him. Master ji goes. Vimlesh gets up and brings radio. They drink and dance. They take Minister to dance. Minister and his PA get stunned and leave. Happu, Amma and others get happy. Minto is still in Kat’s room. Kat asks Minto why didn’t he get angry, as she slapped him. He says I liked your style as nobody slapped me. Malaika comes there and tells Kat that she has done wrong with her boyfriend. Kat tells that she had many boyfriends. Malaika says one boyfriend committed suicide. Kat says marriage will happen for once. Minto is worried.

Master ji scolds the kids. Happu comes there and asks kids to go. He then apologizes to Master ji and says he was under pressure. He comes to PS and tells Resham Pal and Manohar. Resham Pal says it is good. PA calls him and tells that he came to give news that. Minister takes the call and says we are coming to do roka in the evening. Happu pretends not to hear him and ends the call.

Gabbar comes home and greets everyone. He asks Vimlesh how is he?

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