Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 3rd October 2022 Written Episode Update: Happu invites Hulchal for Jagrata

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 3rd October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Amma asking Rajjo not to make food for her. Rajjo asks what happened? Amma says today she is going out for jagrata. Hritik says all my friends had kept jagrata at their houses and says we shall also keep jagrata at home. Ranbir says our friends taunt us for not doing it. Happu says Nargis calls people for jagrata. Kat says if we keep jagrata then God will be happy. Rajjo says Karishma did jagrata for time pass. Happu tells that he don’t have money for Jagrata. Amma says you don’t have money for God. Happu says do it daily, but don’t ask me for money. Rajjo says you will get good deeds if you do it. Amma asks him to understand that she had eaten food at many house during jagrata. Happu refuses and asks them to have breakfast.

Beni is sitting in the paan shop, when Happu comes there and sits. Beni asks why your mood is off. Happu says the family members want to do jagrata, they have less devotion, but more greedy to show off. Beni says you shall get it done and says someone said that Happu Singh is damri Chor, as he have food in others’ house with his family, but don’t do jagrata at his house. Happu asks what kind of friend you are. Beni says Hulchal is here as bhajan king. Happu asks him to make a call to him. Hulchal is singing bhajan. Beni calls him and introduces himself. Hulchal doesn’t recognize him. Happu takes the call and introduces himself. Hulchal identifies him. Happu asks him to come to PS some day. Hulchal says if he gets time then will come. Happu jokes that he will accuse him of soap theft and arrest him. Hulchal says he will come.

Resham Pal tells that DIG organized Jagrata for the people and gave me a work. He says the amount sanctioned is 2.5 lakhs, and says he kept the condition that if bhajan samrat Hulchal comes and sings then only he will come. Happu says give me 2.5 lakhs rs, Hulchal will come and will do jagrata at my home. Resham pal asks if he is your friend. Resham Pal says ok. Manohar comes there and tells that he went for important work. Happu asks what? Manohar says I had gone to a baba for promotion mannat and he don’t send anyone empty handed.

Rajjo and Vimlesh are with a friend. Her friend tells that she had gone to Singapore for outing. Rajjo and Vimlesh make an excuse that their husbands are busy in work. The friend says everyone makes plan, but they don’t have passport. Vimlesh says we have passport. Rajjo says I will go and make it. Vimlesh says passport renewal. The friend tells that someone was teasing girls in passport office. Rajjo says she would have made their faces swollen.

Happu comes to Hulchal. Hulchal sings. Happu praises him. Hulchal asks Happu how did he become Inspector and sings song. Happu says same feelings. He says you will reach heights. Hulchal says he reached here due to his friends teasing. Happu says he wants to get jagrata at his house by him. Hulchal agrees and asks him to say jai mata di.

Later Happu tells Beni about jagrata at his house. He says all kids will be happy with Hulchal and Rajjo will make variety of dishes and Amma will give him blessings.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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