Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 4th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Rajjo slaps Hulchul

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 4th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Happu telling Amma, Rajjo and family that they will have jagrata at home and Hulchul will do it. Everyone gets jealous. Hritik says we will make their friends jealous. Ranbir says I will sing bhajan with Hulchul. Kat says she wants to say something and asks money for shopping. Rajjo says I will call Karishma and she will be jealous. Amma says I will go to Nargis’s house and will invite her. Rajjo and Amma thank the God. Rajjo goes with Vimlesh to select her saree. Amma says she will tell Nargis. Beni comes and sits beside Happu. Happu says it is not a new thing. Beni kisses on his cheeks. Rajjo tells that she is very tired and needs to sleep. Happu asks didn’t you forgetting one thing? Rajjo asks what, jagrata list. Happu says you didn’t thank me. Rajjo thanks him and rests on bed to sleep. Happu asks her to thank him, so that he has some sensation in his body. Rajjo scolds him and asks him not to get romantic until Jagrata is done. She says this is agni parishka and you shall get good marks.

Rajjo comes to the Passport office and bargains. Hulchul is standing behind her and his bag hits Rajjo’s back. Rajjo slaps him. Hulchul says you don’t know me and tries to clarify. Rajjo slaps him repeatedly. Hulchul hides his face and runs away.

Kamlesh is standing on the road and telling the dialogues. A guy thinks him as a beggar and gives him money. Kat and Malaika see him. Kat asks what is he doing here? Kamlesh says he is doing mimicry.
Kat asks him not to do mimicry standing here. Kamlesh says he wants to become famous. Malaika says wherever you stay, you will be a frog only. Kat asks him to take care and goes.

Vimlesh asks Rajjo if she had gone to make passport. Rajjo says yes. She tells Amma that she had slapped a guy who touched her. Happu appreciates her. Hritik says I invited all my friends for jagrata, but they didn’t believe me. Happu asks him to make an invite to invite Hulchul. He says Hulchul shall think that we are mad about him. Happu records the video asking him to come to jagrata.

Later Amma asks Happu to buy gift for Nargis. Happu asks Rajjo to buy gift. Rajjo says she has good idea and tells that she will watch And TV and will get gifts. She says even the nominated friend will get the gift.

In the school, Hritik and chamchi argue. Master ji comes. They greet him. Master ji says you have failed in test. They tell that they were busy in jagrata, and are inviting special guests. Hritik says we were about to call you, but…Chamchi says if you pass us in the test, then we can call you to jagrata.

Happu comes to Hulchul and makes him eat the sweets. Hulchul thanks Happu. Happu says his family is mad about him. Hulchul says I am your friend. Happu says I am happy that you will be coming and shows the video. Hulchul watches the video. He gets happy seeing Amma, and Vimlesh requesting him to come. He then gets shocked seeing Rajjo and asks who is she? Happu says she is my wife, your bhabhi. He says she is mad about your bhajans. Hulchul tells him that this lady had some misunderstanding and slapped him repeatedly in passport office. Happu is shocked. Hulchul refuses to sing bhajan in his house and asks him to leave.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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