Harphoul Mohini 20th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Harphoul and Mohini shout

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Scene 1
Harphoul breaks the bangles. Mohini gets scared. Divyani gave it all to him she said it will look good on you. Harphoul says it’s not for you. They gave it to me because they thought I am not man enough. You decided and announced you will run the clinic. You didn’t even ask me. The women of this house don’t work outside and neither would you. Mohini says I.. he says you won’t. Santok says listen Harphoul. Mai says stop it. He says it’s between me and my wife. Divyani texts Shalini to send her the video. Harphoul says I wont’ give you permission to work outside. Mohini says why would I take your permission? I am not a slave. I am a wife not a remote control toy. He says shut up. don’t shout. Mohini says I didn’t say yes I was gonna talk about it. I didn’t do anything wrong. He says lower your voice. Mohini saays why should I? Why should I listen to you? santok asks them to calm down. Mohini says how can he shout on me? He says I am saying lower your voice. She says why should I listen to you? He says because I am your husband. Mohini says I am also your wife, not your slave. People listen outside. Santok asks them to go inside.

Mohini says I am a human, not furniture. I have my dreams and I don’t need anyone’s permission to fulfill them. If you want me not to shout, you stop shouting first. Haprhoul says to Mai she’s showing me finger today, tomorrow she will work outside and rule us all. he says I won’t eat from the money my wife earns. I would rather die hungry. Mohini says you made it clear you don’t care what I want and what my dreams are. I am not only your wife. I am a daughter, and a sister too. All other relations accept my dreams.. You are my husband. All I expected from you was support. Being a nurse is my identity. He says except for being my wife everything else is your identity. Santok says shut up Harphoul. Harpoul says will you tolerate in Shalini talks like this? Mohini says women have all the right to decide for their life. Haprhoul says if you step outside this house to work I would be worse. Mohini says I will work for the clinic and I am telling you this not asking. Haprhoul says shut up or I.. Mohini says what?

Haprhoul’s friends come in and ask him to calm down. They say people are outside. Everyone can hear. How can you talk to Mohini like this? Haprhoul slaps his friend adn says you will tell me how to talk to my wife? Mai is aout to slap Harphoul. His friends leave in angere. Mai says Harphoul is right. Mohini will not work for the clinic. She will be like the rest of the women in this village. She will work in the fields with haprhoul. Mohini says but.. Mai says I decide for this house. Mohini will for the field tomorrow.

Scene 2
Divyani shows the video to Balwant. He keeps repeating it. Divyani tries to clean his face. He says don’t you dare to clean this. Balwant sends the video to Bhai Ji and says see how I handled that girl. I am your own, get me out of jail I will show that girl her place.

Santok takes Shalini’s phone to make a call. Shalini pretends to burn her hand. Santok gets worried for her. He leaves her phone and brings water for her. Mohini looks at her parent’s photos. Mohini says I don’t have a problem with working in the fields but no one ever came between me and my dreams before. Harphoul comes in. Mohini pretends to be asleep. Harphoul sleeps as well.

Scene 3
Mohini gets ready. She reads the 3 signs of love and tears them. Harphoul is on a bike outside. Mai gives Mohini food. Mohini leaves. Harphoul and Mohini come to the field. He gives her a raincoat and says this water shouldn’t go out of the land. She says I will learn on my own. I don’t need your help. Mohini sees people working and tries to learn. Mohini walks in the mud. The water flows from the other side. Mohini tries to stop it. Mohini feels frustrated.

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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