Harphoul Mohini 21st September 2022 Written Episode Update: Harphoul and mohini understand each other

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Scene 1
Harphoul takes Mohini out of the mud. He says don’t cry. He gives her the shoes. Harphoul fixes the mud. She says why are you doing it alone? Mai asked me to do it. He teaches her how to do it. Mohini plans the seeds. Harphoul says you have to work day and night to make it work. I made this land my dream even if it’s someone else. My land is barren. I never thought I would rent this land and not cultivate it on my own land. The farmers ask them to come for food. Mohini and Harphoul eat sitting separately. Mohini recalls how he fought. Harphoul recalls how she fought with him. Mohini says if he loved me he would have respected my dreams. Mohini cant’ break her onion. Harphoul does it for her. Harphoul coughs. Mohini gives him water. She says to take water. It can be so dangerous if food goes in the windpipe. There’s no clinic either because of people like you.

Scene 2
Mohini and Haprhoul come home. Mai cleans Mohini’s face. Shalini’s hand is burned. Mohini applies cream to her wound. Mai cleans Mohini’s foot. Harphoul says no one is asking me if I am okay. Mai says why? Women can’t be taken care of? Women eat leftover food, go to farms and then come back and serve their husbands. Can’t husbands serve their wives? She also went to the farm. Your and her work is equally respected. You cultivate food for people and she saves lives. He says I don’t mind her working but I can’t take her salary. She says I worked and raised you after your dad died. Your blood is of a woman’s earning. Why didn’t you mind it then? What difference does it make if she goes to the clinic? I sent her with you to show there is no difference. She is blessed with saving people’s lives. Who are we to stop her? He says people will call me no man like in competition. Mai says then answer back those people. Harveer wasn’t scared of anyone. He educated me. He made me who I am. He respected his wife and let her do whatever she wanted. You should support your wife in her dreams. Harphoul leaves.

Harphoul sits on his bike. He calls Mohini’s dad and asks if is it okay if Mohini works outside. He says my daughter is very talented. She can save people. She is educated. If you as a man support her we will be proud of you. Harphoul’s friends come there. Abhi tries to solve the problem between them. Harphoul hugs him. He says I am sorry. You’re my brother. I made a mistake. Abhi says how will you convince Mohini? They make a plan.

Scene 3
Shalini says if Santok sees Mausa’s messages I will be in trouble. Mohini comes there. Shalini says you scared me. Mohini says I came to apply this gel. How did it burn? Shalini says I did it intentionally. Mohini says don’t get angry. Mai asks Sukhay to slap Harphoul too. He says I have to forgive him. Harphoul says the day after tomorrow is the inauguration of the clinic. I got everything ready.

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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