Harphoul Mohini 23rd September 2022 Written Episode Update: Mohini and Harphoul celebrate onam

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Scene 1
Mohini comes downstairs wearing her onam saree. When Harphoul sees her, he is entranced. Mai says you look so pretty. She gives her and Harphoul blessings. She begs them not to quarrel too much. With the exception of Harphoul and Mohini, everyone enters. Harphoul’s dhoti(trousers) loosen. Mohini says I’ll help you. She assists him in correctly donning it. They exchange glances. He expresses gratitude to her. Vijayan calls and Mohini picks. The sight of Harphoul’s family surprises Vijayan and Shyamala. Harphoul is questioned by Vijayan about how she learned about the Onam festival. Santok informs him that Saroj relayed the information to Harphoul. Vijayan says I’m very proud of you and very happy as well.

Balwant is informed by Banwari of the opening of the pharmacy. Balwant inquires as to how Harphoul’s family can remain content while he is incarcerated. He chooses to discuss the dispensary with Shalini. He phones Shalini, but she doesn’t answer.

Scene 2
Mohini creates floral rangoli. Harphoul assists her. They throw flowers on each other ( Kesariya song plays in the background ). She gets up and dances. He loves how she moves. While dancing, she bumps into him. Their eyes are locked. Everybody visits there. When Maai sees Harphoul and Mohini, she beams. With Mohini, everyone dances. The vest of Harphoul is loosened once more. He steps outside.

In the kitchen, Mohini informs Maai that she prepared everything in the same manner as Shyamala. She claims that she does not feel as though she has left Kerala. She thanks Maai and Shalini for doing everything they could to make her happy.

Harphoul informs the others that they appear to have to consume banana leaves. Mohini stops him from eating it as he tries to. She clarifies everything for him. She provides food for all of them. He plans to eat a lot, according to a Harphoul pal. Mohini sits next to Harphoul. Prior to eating, he feeds her. She is shocked by his gesture ( Title song plays in the background ). He starts to eat. Mohini realizes he missed her on Kitty party day. She goes to room and smiles second sign of love is complete.

Scene 4
Balwant calls divyani and says you’re worthless. She is informed by him that her attempt to enrage Harphoul failed. In the meantime, Mohini asks Harphoul about the success of the dispensary’s inauguration tomorrow. Harphoul asks her as to why she seemed anxious. He assures her that he is by her side and everything will be alright. Balwant asks Devyani to take action to halt the opening of the pharmacy. As he cuts off the phone, he orders her to harm Mohini’s reputation as well.

Episode ends

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