Harphoul Mohini 27th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Mohini to inaugurate the clinic

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Scene 1
Harphoul asks Mohini why are you so happy? She says I wore this saree when I went to college for the first time. My dad got it for me. I will wear it tomorrow too. He says it’s very pretty. They fold it together. Harphoul says why did you want to be the nurse? She says I saw a dog biting a kid. I saw him crying. I wanted to help him. Ease his pain. He says you’re very kind, that’s why my mom really likes you. The saree falls. They both sit down upto pick it. Their heads collife. Mohini laughs. Harphoul takes something out of pocket. He says I.. SP calls. Mohini says right now? She says yes I can talk? Mohini goes out to talk. Harphoul waits for Mohini.

Mohini gets ready. She asks Harphoul what are you hiding? He says close your eyes. He makes her wear a nurse hat. Mohini says I love it. I am so happy. Thank you. Balwant says Divyani has to stop this inaguration. They all do arti in front of Harveer’s photos. Santok gives Mohini blessings. He asks me to tell him what gift I want. She says your leg reports. I want you to be my first patient. By the time the doctor comes, I will make your entire report. He smiles. SP comes home. He says I came to wish Mohini all the best. He says also, I am planning a kabaddi tournament in the village. I want some guys from the village. Harphoul says we know it very well. The real champion is my brother, he taught me everything. Mohini says Harphoul won 10 medals. Mohini says let me get refreshments. He says this is the first time I am at a Malayli’s place in this village. I miss Malayali food. She says don’t miss it anymore. I will make it. He asks don’t you miss it? She says I do. Harphoul is jealous. Mohini goes to cook.

Scene 2
Divyani comes to the senior doctor. She says you’re right, we have to stop him. Mohini serves the food. She says my mom taught me. Harphoul says Mohini is from Haryana now. He says Malayali food is very light in spices. People who get angry a lot should eat it a lot. Harphoul says he’s taunting me. SP serves Mohini and says ladies first, especially if the lady is so brave. He says it’s very nice. Harphoul says women don’t go out and work in our village. but I am supporting her. I thought she was so talented, why should we ruin it? She will be the first professional woman in this village. SP says she’s very talented. I convinced her and she said yes. Harphoul is upset.

Mohini comes to the clinic. Banwari shows the live video to Balwant. Everyone claps for Mohini. Mohini says Harveer dad I am fulfilling my promise. Some men come and say stop this stupidity. Harphoul says who is it? A woman comes. She asks Mohini are you Mohini? I am an activist. I fight for the rights of the people of the village. Who gave you the right to play with their lives? It’s a scheme to look at their money. A nurse can’t run a clinic. Who gave you permission? Harphoul says mind your language. She says who are you? He says Mohini’s husband. Divyani says a doctor can run clinic not a nurse because she thinks our people are stupid. Menu says Mohini treated Balwant and saved Ragni’s life in her delivery. The woman says you were lucky. Who gave a nurse permission to run a clinic?

Episode ends

Precap-Mohini says I won’t do anything that a nurse isn’t qualified to do. People say we can’t trust you anymore. They destroy the clinic.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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