Harphoul Mohini 29th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Harphoul gets jealous

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Scene 1
Harphoul says you always need my help. She says then help me and get me bottles from there. He faints. Mohini asks are you okay? He says I forgot breakfast, I am fine. Mohini gives him a chocolate. Harphoul plays with her stethoscope. He asks what o do with this. She says you hear the heartbeat. Harphoul says can I hear yours? They hear each other’s heartbeats. Mohini says you should let what’s in your heart out. It’s beating fast. SP comes in. He asks do you have a sprain cream? She says yes of course. Harphoul says don’t use this as an excuse to get your name out. He says I keep my word. Mohini says pull your shirt, I will spray it. Harphoul says I will do it. He says too much. Mohini says enough. SP says see you in the ground. Harphoul says Haryana people win always. SP says everyone has an equal chance.

A woman brings her son. He is injured. Mohini says how did it hurt so bad? Mohini dresses his wound. Mohini asks Harphoul to give idoine liquid. Harphoul can’t find medicine. Mohini says this isn’t liquid and I spelled it still you got wrong. I don’t have time. Mohini says you can’t read from spelling either. SP finds it for her. SP helps Mohini. Mohini dresses his wound. The woman says thank God for educating people. Harphoul leaves in anger.

Scene 2
Harphoul breaks things in anger. Mai asks what happened. He says the glass isn’t here. She says let me find it why are you so angry? He says I am uneducated. How would I find the glass? Mohini leaves the clinic. Harphoul tells Mai what Mohini said. Mai says she was worried for the child. Harphoul says she has done some magic on you. Mai says she will do the same magic on you. You’re in love with her hence you expect her time. Is there anything else? Mai gets a message. Mai asks Harphoul to get clothes from the laundry. Mohini comes in. Mai and Mohini smile at each other.

Harphoul comes home. His room is decorated. Mohini comes there and says sorry. Mohini says it was my first day. I got angry. He says I am not educated. I don’t know what liquid is. You could tell me in Hindi. And you were smiling at that SP. Mohini says I smile at everyone but my honest smile is when I smile at you. If you’ve mad at me, I can’t smile. Do you want me to smile? He says I will think about it. He laughs. He says all this decoration? Mohini says we had to celebrate today. He says you’re smiling, that’s a celebration. Mohini has a dress. It falls. Harphoul says what is this? Mohini says it’s for a friend. Mohini says I never told you why I said yes for our wedding. You were so kind to the kids and were playing with them. I thought you have such a pure heart. Why did you marry me? Harphoul thinks her heart would be broken if she finds out he married to save his land. Harphoul says my Mai loved you. Mohini says that’s it?? He says you were very pretty in the flowers you wore in the hair. They come close. Harphoul is confused.

Episode ends

Precap-Mohini does Harphoul’s arti. Balwant comes out of jail. He says see what I do in kabaddi ground.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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