Harphoul Mohini 4th November 2022 Written Episode Update: People try to kill Mohini

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Scene 1
Men throw petrol at Mohini and burn her. She’s surrounded by fire but a bubble protects her. Everyone is shocked. Harphoul comes there. People stop him. Harphoul fights with them dn say Mohini is in danger. Mohini wonders how is the fire not getting to her. Everyone is confused. Harphoul is confused too. Mohini walks out of the fire. Everyone is shocked. Harphoul hugs her.

Balwant is shocked. He says evil powers have come to our village. I have planned a havan for the village. I’ve always prayed for this village. How can she be pregnant with a 4 months child in 4 days? She has black powers in her womb. She will kill us all. We have to kill Mohini before she kills us all. You all have to help us. Everyone picks fire torches and marches towards Mohini’s house. They knock on the door. Everyone is scared. Mai looks outside. People say she has a demon’s child in her womb. They say we will kill her. They try to break the door. Harphoul puts things in front of the gate. Shalini says they will kill us all. Let them get to Mohini. Santok says have some shame. People say this is a demon. How is she pregnant with 4 months child in 4 days? Santok stands with the door. Everyone is scared for him.

They break the door and come in. Harphoul tries to fight with them. Santok falls. Mai says no one can touch Mohini. Ragni says we are not scared of you. They hit Harphoul. Ragini says they will all die because of you. Come with us. Harphoul says Mohini will not go anywhere. Mohini looks at their condition and goes with them. Harphoul says Mohini don’t go, please. She goes out of the house. People surround Mohini. They all have stones. Mai looks outside. She’s scared. Mohini says no, please. Harphoul fights off the men and runs out. He says Mohini.. The men grab him. The villagers beat the drum. Mai says Balwant don’t you dare to touch Mohini. Harphoul says if anything happens to my wife I will kill you. Balwant says I have to get this village rid of this black power. No one can save her today.

Balwant throws the stone at Mohini. The circle protects Mohini. No stones hit her and a strong wind blows. The stones bounce back and hit people who’re hitting Mohini. Harphoul is shocked. Harphoul takes Mohini from there. Harphoul says I will take you back to Kerala. Haryana isn’t safe. They see Bali at the bus stand. Mohini and Harphoul hide behind a car.

Episode ends

Precap-Mohini says how can I give birth to a watermelon? Please show me what’s happening God. The watermelon shines and cracks. A girl comes out of it. Mohini is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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