Harphoul Mohini 5th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Mohini leaves the house

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Scene 1
Harphoul and Mohini are about to leave. Balwant starts his story. He dances around and sings there was an angry king who had nothing. He was challenged by his uncle to get married to save his land. He wanted to save his land so thought to marry anyone. He couldn’t find any girl in Haryana so his mom found an easy target in Kerala since they didn’t demand dowry. Mohini is shocked. Balwant says to Mohini you thought Harphoul married you for your face? He wanted a fair and homely Punjabi girl but he was in trouble. Nothing was more important to him than his land. Your family isn’t as good as you think. They traded you basically to save their land. Mohini shocked. She looks at Haprhoul.

Mohini asks Harphoul if is this true. He’s silent. He says yes this is the truth. I couldn’t tell you. Mohini is shocked. He says I thought you won’t let it go. The truth is that I can do anything for my land. He’s proving me wrong this way. I couldn’t say it. My land is like a mother to me. What your heart is true. Mohini cries. Harphoul says you must be thinking you made a mistake by marrying me. I am a really bad person.

Mohini leaves in tears. She cries. Mai asks Harphoul to stop Mohini. He says let her go. If she trusts Balwant and not me, she can go. Balwant washes his face and laughs. His friends and Santok stop him from fighting.

Scene 2
Mohini isn’t home. Everyone looks for her. Mai says I told you all to look for her. Harphoul says she left in anger. Santok says to look for her outside. Mai prays for her. She says Harveer. He says it was our responsibility to take care of her. Mai prays for her. Mohini is in a tent. SHe cries thinking about her time with Harphoul. Harphoul says you can’t leave me like this. I love you. Don’t you trust me? Mohini walks on a road. SP finds her. He says are you okat? You can’t be weak Mohini. You’re a strong girl. She faints. SP holds her and takes her to the car. He gives her water. Someone makes their viode. He says pleas don’t cry. Mohini sobs. Harphoul says I hope Mohini is fine. What will I do without her? Harphoula asks around. Balwant comes there. Does he say crying? Harphoul says to stay away from my wife. Have you done something to her? WHere is she? Balwant says you think I killed her? I wanna see you in pain. But I know a secret. There’s another shoulder for Mohini. Banwari shows the video to Harphoul. Harphoul is shocked.

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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