Harphoul Mohini 7th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Harphul Gives train ticket to Mohini

Harphul’s inner voice says that you can’t even spell her name, even if you can’t try your whole life. Listen to your heart♥️, he gets all flashbacks that Mohini is just compromising with you. He shouts in pain.😢

Mohini says to Mai he should have listened to me and he should have clarified things. Mai says he knows to keep and regard relations. Mohini says he didn’t today and let his ego win, he didn’t at all understand. Harphul listens to this line and decides to clear things up and take action. They both cry😢 as well as hide their tears, and Harphul-Mohini’s sad song plays🎶.

Mai asks Harphul Mohini not to fight, to have a cold drink and clear things. Harphul asks Mohini lets go out to discuss things. Mohini thinks🤔 we shall clear all misunderstandings and will start afresh. Harphul thinks🤔 to end everything. Mohini goes to change.
Mai praises her and prays that their issues get resolved. Temple Diya starts to flicker.

Balwant says to Banwari that now their relationship time⌛ is over.
Mohini trips, when Harphul holds her, with the song main Phir Bhi tumko chaunga🎶. Mohini smiles☺️ seeing Harphul. Cow get restless.
Shalini informs Balwant about Harphul Mohini. Santok confronts her, but Shalini lies. Santok gets doubtful🤔.
Balwant, Banwari follows Harphul-Mohini. The cow breaks its rope and goes out.

Harphul-Mohini reaches the railway station. Mohini inquires who is coming or where are we going. Harphul gives her a ticket stating that you are leaving from there. Mohini gets shocked 😱and asks why me alone? Harphul says you should leave here after whatever happened. Mohini says is everything over. Harphul shouts that everything is over. Mohini cries😭.
Railway announces about Rail information.
Balwant is watching them. Mai gets shocked😱 seeing Diya is blown off.
Mohini says you are joking right, now I get it and, it’s a very poor joke, let’s go back home. Harphul says I have become a joke because of you.
Mohini ask what’s all this? I am not getting anything. Harphul holds her that it’s all true just leave me, I want to start my life again.

Balwant shows fake tears😢 that I am very bad.
Harphul walks away, while both cry😭😭 hard with the song mana dil ka hai kasoor🎶🎶.
Mai prays🙏🏻 to god to save Mohini and Harphul’s relationship. Mohini and Harphul remember the time spent with each other and, keep on crying😭. Harphul watches her.

Precap:- Mai asks about Mohini’s whereabouts, Harphul says I left her at the railway station so that she can go to Kerala. Mohini walks towards the train when someone stops her.

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