His First and Only Love-Rikara FF (Chapter 22: Jealousy! Jealousy!)

You know what happens when you become too attentive to a certain someone and do everything for them? They become pampered by you. And this was exactly what had happened to Omkara Singh Oberoi after his accident. No, it wasn’t Jhanvi Singh Oberoi who pampered him. Unlike most cases where a parent or grandparent pampers the child, Omkara’s case was totally different- he was getting pampered by his own wife! The very girl who was supposed to keep him on his heels!

And now he was like one of those kids who wouldn’t leave his mother’s side even for a second, except in his case it was his wife. It was shocking even for him on how much he demanded for her attention in the last one week. Neither would she leave her concern for him nor would he let her.

But today his ever so lovely,  uske romance ka dushman, his very dear brother, Rudy boy had brought home another boy! Yes- a small baby who turned out to be Omkara’s enemy. Why? Oh, cause his wife had suddenly given all her attention to the cute little boy who was barely 2 years old, completely forgetting Omkara and his existence.

Omkara Singh Oberoi was jealous of a 2 year old!

He wasn’t against kids by any means but he just didn’t like how his wife had been spending all her time whispering sweet nothings to a baby, forgetting about his existence.

It all started that morning when Rudra came home with a kid who belonged to one of his friends who had to urgently visit the hospital. Since they had no relatives close by, Rudra being Rudra had taken full  responsibility of the child for the day. Omkara was busy admiring his wife sitting on the sofa in the living room when Rudra walked in with a baby and Bhavya followed in with a huge bag.

Gauri who was sitting beside Omkara, saw the baby and her eyes immediately lit up like a bulb as she quickly made her way towards the baby, flashing her best smile.

“Rudy! Who’s child is this?” She asked taking the child from him who like Omkara was also a bit surprised by her sudden excitement.

Aww, kitna cute baby hain!” Gauri said as she played with the baby.

Bhabhi, actually he’s the son of my friend Druv. He had to go to the hospital for some check up and will be back by evening only. He didn’t know where to keep the baby till then, so I offered to take care of his baby till he returned.” Rudra replied with a shrug.

“Omkara, dekhiye na!” Gauri called out, pulling Omkara out of his trance. He couldn’t help but think how it would be when Gauri and he would have kids. “He’s so cute!”

He looked over at his wife who was holding up the baby for him to get a better view. He smiled a little at her cute antics.

“What’s his name?” She asked Rudra.

“Kabir, sweetly called Kittu!” Soon enough they were all talking about the baby.

Not wanting to disturb them, Omkara after playing a little with the baby who refused to leave Gauri, went to his room. It was time for his medicines and it was Gauri who usually ran behind him to have it. But today she didn’t seem to have thought of it as she was busy with the baby and he didn’t want to disturb her, so he took his own medicines.
It was only after another two hours that Omkara noticed his wife hadn’t checked on him like every day!

Wondering what was occupying her, he went out in search of her. What was so important that she didn’t even check if I had medicines? The possessive part of Omkara wondered.

Finally, after walking around everywhere like a wanderer, he found her in the garden playing with the baby.

So she left her husband for that kid!? He thought as he felt possessiveness rise in him, wanting to have her attention only to himself.

He cleared his throat to show his presence to her.

“Omkara?” Gauri asked turning behind to look at him. “What happened?”

What happened? Well my dear wife, you forgot my existence, that happened! Omkara mentally replied.

“Nothing.” He said instead.

“Oh ok.” She replied and got back to playing with the kid.


“Gauri.” Omkara called her again to get her attention.


“Don’t you think you are forgetting something?” He asked.

“Me? Forgetting something?” She asked in confusion, “Its not anyone’s birthday, no other special events, then what am I forgetting?”

“My existence.” Omkara muttered to himself with a plastered smile.

“What? I didn’t hear you.”


The lack of attention he received from her made him wonder if this would be the case when they would have children. And for the first time in his life, he realised he didn’t want to share her with anybody. Not wanting to leave her, he decided to watch her entertain the baby.

“Omkara, did you have your medicines?” She asked after a while.

Thanking God for finally having her attention, he answered, “Yes.”


In the evening came Omkara’s enemy number 2, aka Dhruv Mittal, the father of the baby his wife was obsessed with the entire day or in other words Gauri’s long lost friend.

“Dhruv, is that you!?” Omkara heard Gauri ask in shock.

“Gauri? Gauri Kumari Sharma?” Dhruv asked back in equal shock. Then a huge grin broke out on his face as he went forth and engulfed her into a hug.

“Gauri Sharma Oberoi.” Omkara corrected standing next to her, not liking how comfortable he was behaving with his wife. Who was he anyway?

Gauri had wanted to keep her Sharma surname even after marriage along with his surname and he had gladly accepted it.

“Oberoi?” Dhruv asked in surprise, “So you got married Ri?”

Ri? Who was this guy who had the right to call her Ri? Omkara wondered in irritation.

“Yup! I did! And you’re a father!?” Gauri asked back with a huge grin.

“Well yeah.” Dhruv replied with a smile.

“God I can’t believe we met after 13 years and that too like this!”

Dhruv just shrugged in reply.

“Omkara, this is Dhruv, he was mine and Anika’s best friend at school.” Gauri introduced. “And Dhruv, this is Omkara, my-”

“I know him. I’ve heard a lot about him from Rudra.” Dhruv replied with a smile while Omkara mentally cursed him for not letting Gauri complete her introduction. “Nice to meet you bhaiya. Wait since he is your husband, should I call him bhaiya? But then again, Rudy is my friend and he calls him bhaiya…”

“You can call me Omkara.” Omkara replied with a smile. Gauri smiled a knowing smile as she remembered how Omkara had asked her to not call him bhaiya when they had first talked. “Otherwise you’ll have to call her bhabhi, just like Rudy!”

Gauri rolled her eyes while Dhruv chuckled.

“You’re still the same aren’t you?” Gauri asked with a laugh. A laugh that pretty much increased Omkara’s jealousy. “So how have you been? You literally lost touch with everyone after you left for London. Wait does that mean now you’ve settled in India?” She asked in excitement.

“Well yeah. I thought to have a change from London.” Dhruv replied.

“How did you become friends with Rudy though?”

Bhabhi, we go to the same gym. That’s how we met.” Rudra answered.

“You tell me about you Ri! How have you been?” Dhruv asked as he looked at her properly.

“I’m doing good.”

Just doing good? Am I not keeping her happy enough?  Omkara wondered.

“I didn’t think you would settle down so easily! He sure seems one of a kind huh?” He whispered with a smile that made Gauri blush and she got him on his arm. Omkara too happened to hear his comment and it made him feel proud. “Crap, I thought I may have a chance with you!”

The proud smile on Omkara’s face fell as quickly as it came when the words fell from Dhruv’s lips. Chance!?

“Dhruv tum bhi na! Pagal ho!” Gauri replied hitting his head. “And you were missing anyway. How could you even dream of your chance?” She asked rolling her eyes that made Omkara question his whole existence.

Why did his wife never behave this way to him?

“My loss, I suppose!” Dhruv said with a shrug.

“Big loss, infact two big loss!” Gauri said shaking her head.

You too Brutus? Omkara mentally screamed listening to Gauri playing along with him.


“Anika got married a year ago.  You have no chance with the either of us anymore!” She shrugged.

Ouch! Man, time does fly.”

“So who’s the lucky girl in your life?” She asked. And Omkara could notice how the young man’s face fell on hearing her question. He immediately turned his attention to his wife whose huge grin turned into a confused frown. Man, she was quick in noticing things! “What’s wrong? Did I..?”

Bhabhi woh…” Rudra started but Dhruv cut him off.

“There’s no one.” Dhruv replied with a smile that didn’t meet his eyes.

“What happened Dhruv?” Gauri asked concerned. “Don’t try to act infront of me. You may have grown up but you still haven’t learnt how to act. So tell me.”

“I’m a single parent, Ri.”

“Single parent?” She asked in surprise.

“Yeah. Actually Kabir’s mom didn’t want to have him because she had a career to look after. She’s a model. I respect her decision but I couldn’t give up our baby. So we had to part ways after his birth.”

“Is that why you left London?” Gauri asked.


“Oh I’m so sorry about that. I can’t believe someone could give up on him, he’s such an adorable child.” Gauri replied feeling sorry. “It must be tough for you to handle everything alone right?”

“Not really, I really like being a part of Kabir’s life. And my mom’s there to help me out and guide me, so it’s ok.”

“That’s good.” Omkara could see the admiration in Gauri’s eyes for this man. And be would be lying if he said he didn’t feel jealous despite the fact that he really did feel bad for him.


“By the way you don’t call him kittu?” She asked.

“No that’s the name my mom calls him with.” Dhruv answered with a laugh. “Seems like he got along really well with you.”

“You should bring him sometimes, I really enjoyed his company.” Gauri said with a huge grin.

“Really?” Dhruv asked in surprise, “But I really don’t wish to bother you.”

“What are you saying Dhruv? Why would it be a bother to me? I would love to spend time with him.” She said. “Besides, did you forget we promised to always be friends?”

“That would be lovely, Ri. It feels good to see Kabir so happy. Usually he doesn’t get along with everyone. It’s still a surprise how he got along so well with you.” Dhruv said. “And of course I didn’t forget our promise!”

It would be a surprise if a child doesn’t get along with Gauri, her personality is so charming that even kids would get attracted to her. Omkara thought with a smile.

“It was good having him.” She replied with a smile. “Now that I know, I must say he looks like you. He’s as cute as you!”

Cute?! Omkara tried to suppress his ever-growing jealousy within the 4 walls of his heart.

Kya Ri? At least now call me handsome and not cute!” He whined rolling his eyes.

“You are cute!” Gauri said with a huge grin.

After the dinner when Omkara found his wife within the four walls of their room, he felt his jealousy returning. He wanted her to pay attention to him and care for him.

“Gauri?” He called to her softly.

“Hmm?” She hummed in response trying to take something from the topmost shelf of the cupboard.

“Dhruv and you were really close?” He asked, unable to hide his jealousy as he went up to her and took the bedsheet she was aiming for.

Gauri turned around to face her husband in confusion at the weird question he asked her. He was way to close to her that she took a step back in reflex and almost lost her balance but he caught her on time. There was a look of hurt in his eyes as he spoke.

“What do you mean?” She asked.

“You were talking a lot with him..”

“We met after so many years Omkara, and yeah we used to be like best friends at school, he was someone I could always count on after Anika.” Gauri replied with a smile. “And just like him, he has a cute kid now.”

“Well, you spent your whole day with Kabir.” He muttered to himself, but thanks to their closeness, Gauri had heard him. It made him jealous cause she had never called him cute or handsome.

“Don’t you like kids?” She asked in surprise, “I love kids!”

“I like kids too, but not more than you.” The words came out before he could even stop himself.

Badmash!” Gauri exclaimed pushing him away and then going over to the bed side table. “Come and sit here, let me change your band aid.” She said as she took the first aid out from the first drawer.

“Finally you have some time for me!” Omkara said rolling his eyes while she frowned in confusion.

“Looks like someone is jealous!” Gauri said in amusement.

“Jealous and me? No way!” Omkara said shrugging it off.

“Oh really? Then why am I getting the smell of something burning?” She asked with a smile, still surprised that her husband who loved her unconditionally, felt jealous! She had started to think he was no human. Thank god, she got a reality check.

“Must be your food.” Omkara said turning away.

“My food doesn’t burn like that!” She said. “So you are jealous of a small baby?” She asked with a giggle.

“I’m not jealous!”

“You can’t lie to me husband!” Gauri said rolling her eyes.

“Ok fine! Maybe I am jealous, you didn’t even pay attention to me today.”

“Awww!” She exclaimed, “Come on Omkara, you know better than to be jealous of a baby.”

“Am I not cute?” He asked innocently.

However, this innocent question made someone blush quite a lot, “Omkara what are you talking about, I-”

“Am I not cute?” Omkara repeated.


“Answer me Gauri. You never called me cute. And today-”

“You’re jealous of Dhruv?!” She asked in surprise.

“Answer me.”


“Gauri, Answer.”

“Right now yes.” Gauri replied trying to control her blush.

“Why? I don’t look cute other times?” He asked her with a frown.

“No…” She replied looking away.

Didn’t know truth hurt this much!

“Cause other times…you…specially when you become naughty….you look…” Gauri stuttered while Omkara pulled her closer to him earning a gasp from her.

“Other times I what Gauri?”


“Tell me.”

“Omkara..it’s nothing…”

“Other times I what?”



“You…look…really…hot!” Gauri blurted out and immediately hid herself in his chest. It was the first time in her life that she had called a man hot so this shyness was bound to happen!

Omkara who hadn’t expected this answer, took a few seconds to process that his innocent wife had actually called him hot. A sly smirk made its way on his lips as he looked at her trying to desperately hide herself in his chest.

Mujhse kya sharmana, Mrs Oberoi?” Omkara asked her which made her hit him on the chest.

Shaithaan ladka!”

Haye haye! So my wife does agree that I’m hot huh?

Chup! Now tell me why were you jealous?” Gauri asked with a frown.

“You’re pampering me Gauri!” He complained as it if was entirely her fault that he felt jealous. “You roam around me the whole day checking if I had food, medicine etc, don’t you think you’re spoiling me?”

“Spoiling you?” She asked in surprise. “I was concerned about you because you are so careless when it comes to yourself.”

“As if you aren’t careless!” Omkara said narrowing his eyes while she smiled at him sheepishly.

“Whatever be it, you are getting this special treatment only for two more days, after that you are good to go.” Gauri said as she started to remove the old bandaid from his forehead.

“That’s not fair, I haven’t even enjoyed this attention properly!” He whined.

“What? Just now you said I’m spoiling you and now when I said I will stop, you don’t want me to stop?” She asked in disbelief.

“Gauri, meri pyaari Gauri, I have no idea how you mess me up.” He said shaking his head.

“You’re right! I should stop spoiling you. Now onwards you will do your work yourself.” She said as she finished aiding him and kept the first aid box back.

“No you’re not leaving!” He exclaimed and pulled her with him as he fell into the bed.

“Omkara?” She was definitely surprised by his action.

“The whole day, you were away. Now stay with me. This is your punishment.”

“Punishment? Like this? I’ll be sleeping next to you right, then why this?” She asked as his grip on her waist tightened.

“Punishment wifey.” Omkara whispered, “Plus, I need to know what makes me look hot.”

“I shouldn’t have even told you!” She exclaimed as she turned red.

“But I’ll tell you.”


“That you are absolutely hot and tempting!” He finished with a wink that made her blush harder.

Shaithaan Ladka!!”

Who belongs only to you!” He said as if completing her sentence making her blush a deep red.

To be continued….

This is a pretty long chapter… didn’t intend to make it this huge, but it just happened. So how was Jealous OSO? @Jiya I tried to bring justice to your request of seeing jealous oso but this is what it turned out to be. So sorry for ruining jealous characters but this is all I could come up with. Cause in my head somehow Omkara is that understanding guy, who would understand her silences. So how can this understanding guy feel so jealous when he already knows she solely belongs to him?  But I hope you guys like it anyway!

Also a happy news, Gauri’s confession will be coming in the upcoming chapters! Which makes this story near to its end as well. Ending this will be a tough choice for me as I’ve gotten a little attached to this story. But alas, all stories come to an end, and so will this one. I’m assuming a maximum of 35 chapters. I don’t think I’ll go beyond 30 though. But still.

Thanks for reading!
Stay safe!

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