His First and Only Love-Rikara FF (Chapter 23: Realisation)

Omkara was swimming in the pool when when Gauri walked in and stood next to the pool watching him- more like admiring him. But her dear husband thought of a mischief and splashed water on Gauri making her move back in shock.

“Omkaraaa!! Yeh kya kar rahe hain aap?!” She exclaimed in shock, trying to get rid of the water on the surface of her clothes. However he did not stop, instead splashed another handful of water at her with a huge grin while she watched him in bewilderment. “Stop it Omkara!” She said rolling her eyes. “You’re making me wet!! I just took a bath before sometime, I don’t want to bath again.”

“Okay fine.” Omkara said holding up his hand, when she looked at it confused he said, “Help me out, I’m done too.”

Gauri forwarded her hand and held Omkara’s hand in hers trying to pull him up. But he had other plans, he pulled her a little towards him but not too much that she fell. Gauri looked at his playfulness wide eyed.

“I won’t help you.” She said trying to sound annoyed when in fact she enjoyed it a little.

Omkara didn’t let go of her hand, “Okay baba, sorry. I won’t repeat it. Just help me out will you?”

Narrowing her eyes suspiciously at him, she tried to pull him out but the moment she stepped back, her feet slipped due to the water on the ground and she was about to fall back when Omkara sensing the danger, pulled her towards him and she fell right on top of him and due to the force of her falling, they both almost drowned.

He immediately held her tightly and pulled them both towards the top of the water. Gauri’s one hand clutched on to his sleeveless t-shirt while the other was on his biceps. He saw his wife looking into his eyes wide eyed, gasping for air, trying to catch her breath. Her whole face had turned red due to the sudden entry of water into her system.

“Gauri?” Omkara called out to her a little concerned as he managed to keep them afloat.

“Please don’t leave me.” She replied frantically, wrapping her hands around his neck tightly. “I don’t know swimming.”

Omkara held on to her waist even more tightly as their bodies pressed to eachother, “Don’t be scared. Relax. I won’t let you drown, okay? Besides it’s not a deep pool, Gauri.” He nodded at her and she nodded back. Then with a mischievous smile, he said, “If you’re going to hold on to me this tightly, then we might as well spend the entire day here with you in my arms.”

Gauri moved her face back and hit his chest trying to look annoyed, “Besharam!”

Feeling his hold on her waist loosen and a naughty grin form on his face, she looked at him in panic realizing his intention. He withdrew the support he provided to her and she started to flap her hands around to somehow manage to keep herself afloat, all the while gasping for breath. Then, getting a hold of his t-shirt, she grabs it and wraps her arms around his neck while he happily wrapped his arms around her waist, “One of these days, I should teach you swimming. But on a side note, I thinks it’s better I don’t. I mean atleast this way you’ll be close to me right?” He winked while she looked at him in bewilderment.

“Take me out now! Because of you, I’ll have to bath again!” She screamed while he laughed.

“Excuse me madam, you slipped, I didn’t pull you in.” Omkara pointed out.

“And how did I slip?” Gauri asked mocking him, “I slipped because you threw water on the floor!”

“Aha!” Omkara exclaimed, “First you fell by yourself, now you’re blaming me? How’s that even fair?”

“So you putting water is fair?” Gauri asked in disbelief.

“Everything is fair in love and war, sweetheart.” Omkara said with a wink and Gauri gaped at him. Slowly, he tucked the wet tresses on her face behind her ears. Gauri’s heartbeats increased rapidly as he leaned in closer to her as if to kiss her. Their lips were dangerously close to eachother.

Unable to understand how to react, she just stayed there with her eyes closed. She could feel a different kind of feeling stir in her at the thought of their first kiss, she felt excited and nervous. But it took her by surprise, when she felt his lips on her eyes instead of her lips. Left then right. When she opened her eyes, he attached their foreheads as they breathed together. She couldn’t help the smile that came on her face.

She couldn’t believe how much he had respected her desire to take their marriage to the next level only after she confessed to him. Even if it was a kiss. He had been way too good with her. Even she felt herself wanting his touch but he had managed to control himself somehow.

How did I not fall in love with you earlier, Omkara?
She asked herself as she enjoyed the bliss of being with him. She had somehow started to realise that her feelings for him were indeed love but she had decided to wait a little longer before she confirmed it. But at this moment she realised that, her feelings for him was love, there was no doubt about it. He had been the most important man in her life. He was, is and will always be. If this was not love then what was?

She realised that she had always loved him. Right from the start, even before he confessed. She knew what she felt for him was special and that what they shared was special. How was she blind to not realise that she had always been in love with him? Maybe even before he loved her? Maybe right from the start. But Gauri Kumari Sharma has loved Omkara for as long as she could remember, because these feelings were there with her all this time.

She was forever grateful to him for not giving up on her for she had been stupid to run away from her own feelings. But not anymore, she had decided that it was high time to tell him about her feelings, to tell him what he was to her.


That evening they had gone out for a business party. Gauri being Gauri didn’t want to go there but when her husband requested her so cutely, she couldn’t turn down the offer. So here she was wearing a gown and Omkara was dressed in formals. She had to admit he looked really hot and drool worthy in it!

In the party, Gauri had moved to the side when she saw Omkara talking about business to someone. It was one thing in the world that she just couldn’t get herself to like. Oh, and math too, well physics too. Ok, that’s three things. But business never seemed good to her brain no matter what.

She was busy staring at her husband and admiring him feeling like a total love struck teenager, specially now that she  realised her feelings. That was when she noticed a girl walk up to him as the man he was talking to left.

The girl had a wine glass filled with wine in her hand and was dressed in a dress that went a little above her knees only. The neck was cut in a deep V shape showing more than necessary and the dress stuck to her like glue making her look like she had just come out of some club. She had put on a great amount of makeup too, Gauri noticed.

“Hey handsome!” She heard her call Omkara. “You look hot!”

“Thanks!” Omkara said with a polite smile.

It wasn’t any rocket science to know what her intention was then why on earth was her husband so polite? Gauri wondered with a frown.

“Well, wanna have a drink?” She asked as she kept her hand on his chest.

How dare you touch my innocent husband with your dirty hands!? Gauri gaped at her mentally.

“Excuse me,” Omkara said, talking a step back.

“Come on, we should hang out.”

“No thanks I-“

“Don’t you think we would look great together?” She asked and that was enough for Gauri’s patience to die.

“Please I’m already-” Omkara started but was immediately cut off as some one had taken over the whole situation.

“Sorry to tell you but he’s already taken.” Gauri came in and said making the girl go red in embarrassment while Omkara stood amused to see his wife come up to rescue.

“I uh..” the girl stammered.

“Not just for this birth, but for all the ones ahead. Sorry to say, but you have no chance with him.” Gauri said with a shrug.

Omkara stood there in surprise unable to stop himself from grinning like an idiot loving every bit of his wife’s performance. He had never known she would show her right on him if another women approached him, if he knew, he might as well play along a little.

“And please, check if the person you are approaching is single or married or the father of four kids.” Gauri said making the girl look at her wide eyed. “And don’t throw yourself at them. You deserve much more.” She added softly keeping her hand on the girl’s shoulder.

At the end of the day, Gauri is Gauri only. She will care for every soul. Why was she so innocent? Omkara thought to himself with a smile.

“I’m sorry mam. I didn’t know he had four kids. He looked really young…” The girl said and quickly ran away.

“Neither did I know.” Omkara mumbled in surprise.
Gauri turned back to her husband with a frown. If only he had stopped the girl, she wouldn’t have even had to intervene.

“Why did you send her away? I would’ve talked a little with her. And what’s up with four kids? You want to start a cricket team? Well, I have no problem if you’re interested, I would only be more than willing to help.” He said to which he earned a glare from his wife. She rolled her eyes and groaned in frustration. “What can I do if I’m so charming?” Omkara asked her innocently, loving this possessive side of hers.

“Go to that chipku!” Gauri muttered in irritation and turned around to leave.

“Where are you going biwi?” Omkara asked as he pulled her to him by the hand.

“Why do you even need me? Go find her and talk with her!” She snapped at him.

“I will but-“

Gauri’s mouth went O listening to his outrageous statement. How dare he go behind her!?

“You know what, I don’t even want to talk to you! You go behind her!” Gauri said completely filled with jealousy.

“Gauri,” he called her softly making her turn back to face him. “Don’t you get the smell of something burning?”

Jerk! He was taunting her!

“Ya ya, your hair is burning! Go pour some cold water over your head!”

“Gauri, my hair is innocent. I know ki hum ek hain par mere baal ko tumhare dil ki jalan ke saath koi connection nahi hain.” He replied with a shrug.

“Jealous will be my dog! I’m not jealous!” She said getting offended. He was such a monkey!

“It’s normal to feel jealous when your husband is so handsome and smart.”

“Don’t praise yourself so much that you fall down.” She said rolling her eyes.

“But somebody confirmed it to me a few days back.” Omkara said scratching his head, “She said, You look very hot!” He said mimicking Gauri and she immediately grew red.

Aap na!!!!” She exclaimed with wide eyes.

“Yes me?”

“I hate you!”

Ouch!” Omkara said pretending to be hurt.

“You go throw yourself at other girls!” She snapped and immediately turned on her heels to leave but he pulled her towards him.

“Listen to what I have to say atleast.”

“I don’t want to listen to anything from you any more!”

“But you have to,” he said smiling sheepishly, “I want to throw myself only at you.”

Haan haan, you would want to throw yourself at those- wait what?” Gauri stopped as the meaning of his words sank in making her blush a little.

“Haven’t found a girl as good as you.” Omkara said with a wink.

“And what if one day you do?” She asked suspiciously.

“Then it would have to be our daughter!” Omkara said flashing a smile making Gauri’s eyes go wide.

“OH MY GOD, THIS GUY!” She exclaimed. How did he even come up with such comebacks?!

“But I’m concerned, do you really want four kids? I mean are you okay with four pregnancies?” He asked.

“Shut up! That just came out in a flow! I don’t want four kids!”

“It wasn’t a bad idea though.” Omkara said with a shrug.


“Did I mention you look damn cute when you’re jealous?” He asked placing a kiss on her cheek making her go wide eyed. She pushed him and looked around to see if anyone noticed.

“We are in public Omkara!”

“I have license to romance my wife!”

Besharam!” She exclaimed blushing.

To be continued

When I started writing this story, I was quite confused with what I wanted in life but through this story, while writing it I somehow realised what I had been overlooking. And I didn’t know what it was that I intended to write when I started this but eventually the story started to flow in its own pace, creating its own developments on the way.
It found it’s own life and like Gauri realised her love for Omkara, I found my answer. Writing is such a wonderful thing isn’t it? Helping you express and discover things like never before. Thank you to everyone who read this story so far. I don’t know what it would’ve been without all your support.

Finally Gauri has reached close to her destination. What do you guys think? And any expectations for her confession?

Thanks for reading!
Stay safe and take care.

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