His First And Only Love-Rikara FF (Chapter 25: First)

Darmiyaan, Darmiyaan, much toh tha tere mere darmiyaan…” Gauri hummed, her head laid on her husband’s shoulder, as she thought of their school days.  While Omkara enjoyed the feeling of having her with him. It still felt so unreal to have her confess, he was on top of the moon right now, flying through the skies with an idiotic smile looking like a lovesick puppy.

“Lets have food?” She asked breaking his chain of thoughts. They had been sitting by the pool talking after her confession. “I made your favourite!”

“Really?” He asked surprised.

“Yeah white sauce pasta!”

“Wow!!” He didn’t know how but her food always tasted so good.

Chale?” Gauri asked and he nodded happily, he was starving and hadn’t realised it until she mentioned food.

They both got up from their places and started walking, Omkara one step ahead of Gauri.

“Omkara!” He heard his wife scream and then the next thing he knew, water splashed all around the ground and there in the pool, desperately trying to keep herself afloat, was his wife. She kept kicking her legs and flapping her arms in the water struggling. Without another thought, a shocked and worried Omkara jumped in not wasting another second and secured her in his arms. She coughed and tried to steady her breaths, finally feeling life returning to her and safe in his arms.

“How did you fall?” He asked her in concern.

She smiled at him sheepishly and said, “I’m still not used to Saree…I tripped over it.”

“Gauri you should wear what you’re comfortable with.” He said with a sigh disappointed at her carelessness.

“It was a special occasion and I thought you will feel more happy if I wear a saree..Because You said you liked me in saree.” She said shyly.

“First thing, your safety is my biggest happiness. And second, yes I like you in saree but I like you in pajamas too.” He said shaking his head. “As long as it’s you, I don’t care what you’re wearing. Looking at you is more than enough for me to be happy.”

“I love you!” She exclaimed feeling overwhelmed by his words. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him on his cheek only to Omkara’s surprise. He was such a gem! She thought to herself. “Now please, let’s get out.”

“Now I’ll have to bath again.” Omkara whined.

“Its ok, that day you made me bath again. Today it’s your chance.” She said with a wink only to Omkara’s shock.

Gauri WINKED AT ME!!! His brain screamed at him.

“Why are you staring at me like this?” She asked in confusion. “Lets get out please.”

“Why am I staring?” He asked back while she frowned. “You winked at me!”

“So?” She asked with an innocent expression on her face but little did he know she very well knew the effect she had on him and she was enjoying every bit of it!


“Lets get out Omkara.”

Once they came out of the pool, both decided to take a bath and change clothes before they continued the remaining part of Gauri’s date plan. Omkara had gone to the guest washroom while she used the one in their room.

Omkara was buttoning up his shirt in their room when his wife walked out of the bathroom, wearing a light blue coloured open back Kurta. She was drying her wet locks with her towel while Omkara stood there open mouthed at the view. Sure he was a gentleman but seeing her like this just made him want to do all kinds of things with her. She looked too beautiful this way. And now that she had finally confessed, he felt over the moon, as if he got the license to do everything to her.

Feeling his gaze on her, Gauri looked up to find him staring at her open mouthed. Omkara noticed a water droplet from her hair slide down to her face and then disappear inside her parted lips. Without even realising it, he walked towards her taking slow steps. Gauri stopped her work on her hair and looked on at her husband approaching her, something in her told her that something was going to happen today.

She swallowed hard as she felt her heart slamming against her chest when he was just away at an arms length. In one swift move, he pulled her closer to him, their bodies pressed against eachother. He could feel her chest go up and down rapidly. He pulled her by the waist even more tightly, now their faces just inches apart. Another water droplet started to make its way down and when it reached her eyes, Omkara sensually sucked it and she closed her eyes seeing him leaning in.

Gauri could feel heat radiate from wherever he touched or kissed her making her feel butterflies in her stomach, and at the same time, wanting for more. When another droplet fell, this time on the other eye, Omkara sucked it too. Gauri slowly opened her eyes as she looked at him nervously. Her grip on his shirt tightened as she saw the desire darken in his eyes.

Very delicately, he moved all her hair to one side of her shoulder and then placed light kisses on her shoulder and her neck.

“Om…” Gauri whispered as she closed her eyes feeling his kisses. He gently caressed her face with his index finger. Another drop made its way close to her lips and Omkara leaned in and kissed it. Gauri’s breath almost stopped as she felt his lips close to hers. His warm breath fanned against her face making her feel tingles everywhere.

Cupping her face with one of his hands, Omkara looked at her lips that were parted. Gauri looked at him nervously almost wanting to kiss him herself now.

“Can I?” He asked in a whisper, holding up her chin. Gauri was too taken away by her emotions to speak, so she simply nodded closing her eyes as she blushed hard. A moment later, she felt his lips on hers gently pecking them. Gauri soon felt herself respond to the kiss.

They started gentle and slow but soon passion took over them as if their life depended on the kiss. Omkara cupped her face and pulled her closer while Gauri wound her arms around his neck trying to lean in. It was only when she ran out of breath that she pushed him away a little to catch her breath while still gripping onto his shirt. They broke apart panting.

Omkara’s gaze fell on her swollen pink lips as she tried to steady her breaths, “I never knew my name sounded so s*xy. You should call me Om rather than Omkara.” Omkara said with a smirk while Gauri hit his chest as she blushed hard.

Badmash!” She complained as he held her by her waist even more tightly.

“You’re so tempting Gauri!!” Omkara mumbled as he nibbled on her ears.

“Enough for now, the food will get cold!” Saying this, she ran away unable to control her shyness.
And only when she ran away did he realise that they just had their first kiss now. He stood there grinning like an idiot as he thought of their heated moment.

Meanwhule Gauri was still trying to steady her breaths as she thought of their moment. It felt magical- he always made everything magical. She blushed unable to control her shyness. This man was a magician for sure!

To be continued…

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