Shobna : There is no need of becoming so much sweet , Pratap ji

Pratap : You still doubts me . I swear I have no sort of any relationship with that

Shobna : Bas!! Don’t lie more. Your lies have no end

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Pratap : And your allegations on me have also no end

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Shobna :Anyways tomorrow we need to go together for meeting Reyansh’s family.

Pratap : I know. Good night

Shobna : My nights are no more good after facing the biggest betrayal from my husband. So don’t keep these formalities. I am leaving

Pratap : Waapas toh awogi naa ?

Shobna : Ji!!

Pratap : I mean should you come here or should I need to pick you

Shobna : I will be here by 10 am tomorrow, Bye

Pratap : Bye.

At Oberoi house 

Pranati : Reyansh I want to ask something

Reyansh : What ?


Pavitra Bhagya: Mallika's possessiveness turn Pranati and Reyansh's fake  love in real

Pranati : My parents are coming today . Mom called and informed me.

Reyansh ; That’s good news. Finally they are together.

Pranati : Reyansh , it’s hard for me to believe. What if they are simply doing it for me only ?

Reyansh : Whatever be the cause now they are together and you was desperate to see them together. Let’s see and we also will tell that we haven’t married yet. That was just make to realize the value of relationship

Pranati ; How will they react after knowing this ? Reyansh I am very much scared

Reyansh : Pranati, we shouldn’t hide these sort of things from our parents. And of course once the problems of every one’s are sorted Om bhaiya, Gauri bhabi, you and me we all will tie the knot. That’s the truth. You are not alone, we all are with you.

Pranati :And my family is my strength Reyansh. This lovely family is given by you .

Reyansh : We will never make you to feel sad. I will always try my level best to bring happiness in you. So chill and smile

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Pranati held his hand and said : When you are with me I can always smile, Reyansh.

After an hour Pranati’s parents reached Oberoi house. Gauri’s dad Mahendra was also present there.

Pratap : We have decided to give another chance for our relationship.

Shobna : Our differences are not that much important than our daughter Pranati’s happiness

Baljeet : Did you both together took this decision ?

Pratap : We came together. What else we need to prove we are together

Tej : Fine , We are glad that you both have took the right decision.

Pranati : Mom- dad Reyansh and I have to tell you something.

Shobna ; What beti ?

Reyansh : We haven’t married yet.

Pratap : What ?

Reyansh and Pranati explained the truth and also said about how they are loving each other deeply.

Shobna went near Pranati and held her hand

Pranati : Mom, I know I did a mistake. But that was…

Shobna : You are really lucky to have an understanding life partner like Reyansh beti.

Pranati : That means you have forgiven me

Pratap : Who are we to forgive you ? We are your parents and we never give you the love ,care which you need . At our fights we never know that our daughter was completely alone. But Reyansh has stood as a friend , a true person who was like your shadow in all your pains and sorrows. You both didn’t made any mistake.Infact at our fights we never give attention to our daughter properly. As a dad I am a big failure, I am really sorry Pranati.

Shobna : I am also a big failure as a Mom.  Beti I am sorry for not giving you the rights of a daughter. But Reyansh gave you all love which we never gave you. God has choose the right person for you. I never gave the motherly affection to you. I am a big sin, please forgive me beti.

Pranati : Dad, Mom what you both are saying ? You are elder than me and please don’t ask for forgiveness infront of me .It’s a shameful thing for me and I am so happy that the dream which I was longing for years have finally got succeeded. My parents have became one, what else I need ?

Pranati hugged Shobna and Pratap emotionally. They too hugged her back.

Reyansh : Uncle, Aunty I am feeling honoured that you accepted me for your daughter . She had very much respect for you both and always prayed to see you together.

Jhanvi : Even though it’s late , happiness have showered in Pranati’s life. Now Pranati, you have two dads and two moms. From today onwards you will call me and Tej as Mom and Dad only.

Pranati : Yes Mom.

Mahendra : Pratap Ji, as for now your problems are sorted out now the only thing remaining is about Krish’s treatement. I hope you will wait till that time.

Shobna : Krish

Omkara : Aunty actually what happened is

Omkara also narrated the happenings of his life.

Shobna : That’s so sad

Mahendra : When we lost our beloved ones it will give very much pain. I knows it very well. Gauri and Rajni lost their  mom during  school days. After that I always worried how I will bought up my children. Just a cardiac arrest and she left me by giving very much pain in my heart. But I did upbringing of my daughters hiding all pains in myself only. God again became merciless ,he seperated me from my elder daughter Rajni  and Krish who is like my son ……Whenever I sees him like these it pains me a lot.

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Gauri : Dad!!!  Calm down. ….You never failed to give me the motherly love, You are both my dad and my mom. Dad we can’t change the past. But at least try to bring changes at present . Dad you are my strength. Please don’t get sad. Omkara is also with us and trust me everything will be alright.

Omkara : Yes uncle.

BAS TERI LIYE OMKARA AND GAURI (Episode 7) Last Episode - Ishqbaaz - Telly  Updates

Mahendra : I know beta. I have full trust on you.

Baljeet : Like these my children and my grandchildren should always be together in the path of happiness and sorrows. I wish may god show a way to solve all the problems of our lives.

Pavitra Bhagya | पवित्र भाग्य | Ep. 56 | Baljeet Pressurizes Reyansh | बलजीत  ने रेयांश पर डाला दबाव - YouTube

Meanwhile Shobna and Pratap looked each other

Shobna : Now we needs to go home

Pratap : Exactly

Baljeet : Apni beti ko nahi le jawoge ?

Pranati : Dadi !!

Baljeet : Pranati, see I am not against of you living here. After marriage you will be living with your husband in this family only. Before that being a beti you will get very less days to spend with your parents. Once bidaai is done you will be our bahu .Of course we will treat you as beti but there are some things which we can’t bring. And that’s the care of your own parents. I think you should stay with them. Till now you didn’t get that opportunity. Now god has given it to you. So you should spend time with your parents , you should do all those childhood things which you missed very much. What you say ?

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Pranati looked Reyansh .

Jhanvi : I think Maaji is right .Waise bhi riwaz hota hein naa shaadi se pehale dulhan dulhe ke ghar mein nahi rehti.

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Tej : But Jhanvi Pranati is our daughter only

Omkara : Dad, it’s true. But Pranati should get the parental care and for that she have to be with her parents

Gauri : I too agree with this. If Pranati will stay before marriage at this home then being badi bahu I can also claim rights . I will also stay here.

Baljeet : You are absolutely right Gauri Puthar

Mahendra : But Gauri it’s not right. You can visit here and meet Omkara and his family. There is no restriction for that. But you can’t stay here before getting married.

Gauri : If Pranati is getting that right, I should also get that right. What you say Mr. Jatadhari Pati dev ?

Reyansh : That’s name is so cute for my bhai. But Pranati have to decide it

Gauri : Devar ji meri koyi value hi nahi kya ?

Baljeet : Om puthar , Your girl is so adamant . I fear if she create a cold war between Jethani and Devrani ?

Pranati : Bhabhi is actually right. And not that every one is saying I am going with my parents. But I myself wish to do so. I want everything should be done in a proper way. I am ready

Shobna : But Pranati

Suddenly Pratap held Shobna’s hand. Shobna became silent

Pratap : We don’t have any problem.

Gauri : Pyaari sister Pranati, Devar Reyansh  and you Mr. Jatadhari please come with me for a minute

Tej : So you guys are planning something ?

Omkara : Of course dad. An outing plan only.

Reyansh : Exactly. as now all is well,we four wants to celebrate it.

Pranati : Yeah , that’s it.

They four goes to corner

Gauri : Pranati how was my jethani tactics ?

Pranati : To be frank bhabhi , you was amazing. I find it as very much cute especially when Dadi telling Jethani Devrani fights.

Gauri : See we are doing it for your sake. I know your parents are united . But some how as Reyansh and Om said we have to find the real truth about what made them apart and do they really united ?

Pranati : May be for me they have united. But both are with me and I will always make sure that they are together .

Reyansh : Pranati , you will really get a chance to re-live your childhood. You are so lucky. And remember slowly you have to find the real reason too.

Pranati : I know Reyansh. That’s why yesterday when I got phone call about their arrival I informed you three because all of a sudden they agreed for it. I just hope their hearts are also united .

Reyansh : Always try to make them very much close and else you know.

Gauri ; My sister is very smart Reyansh .

Omkara : Yeah. And Gauri what was that Jatadhari Patidev and all ? You are such a drama queen

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Gauri : I was describing your hair’s beauty and that word Pati dev added much charm to that. Reyansh I was right,hey naa

Reyansh : Of course bhabhi.

Pranati : Bhabhi was very cute while doing it. I was finding much hard to control my laughter

Gauri : Pranati now listen. Once you gets proper informations about the actual reason do inform us and we four will decide what we need to do

Omkara : Yes behan. Be very careful and I wish our doubts on them may go wrong and whole heartedly they both have decided to love and live in togetherness.

Pranati : Ji bhaiya. I will go and pack things

Reyansh : I will help you

Prayansh goes to Reyansh’s room

Reyansh : For many days this room was yours. It will always be your forever. I won’t change this pillow

Pranati : Why ?

Reyansh : You have been sleeping here for long and I will hug this pillow and will sleep. So that I could feel you are hugging me

Pranati :You are so naughty , Reyansh.

Reyansh : One thing, I will miss you

Pranati ; I too miss you very much. This family too……You just bought a hope for life in a beautiful way Reyansh.

Reyansh : I did it for my Love Princess Dayana. I will try to do more wonders.

Pranati : Prince Lucca , this is just a few days separation only, but our hearts are bounded to be together always.

Reyansh held Pranati closer  . They both smiled and hugged each other

Pranati ; It’s time for me to leave.

Reyansh : Don’t say like that. Tell that you will be back

Pranati : Okay, I will be back . For now I will be always in your heart.

Reyansh gave a flying kiss to Pranati

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Pranati blushed with a smile

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On the other hand Om and Gauri goes to the garden area of Gauri’s house. They were sitting together .

Omkara : So Gauri , one mess is getting solved. I guess now you can give me that

Gauri ; You and your wishes to have it won’t goes, Omkara ? We haven’t solved anything.

Omkara : I know. Gauri , I feels so happy today .

Gauri ; Me too

Omkara : Why can’t we just do a romantic dance ?  I promise I won’t do any naughty things.

Gauri ; Now you want to make this moment more beautiful, how can I deny it ? Let’s do it

Gauri turns Omkara's inspiration, Omkara falls for Gauri

Omkara and Gauri held each other romantically and started dancing. At a moment of the intense love, Om plucked a rose from the garden and started rubbing Gauri’s cheek with that rose .

Ishqbaaz: Omkara & Gauri's Romantic Dance At Anika's Sangeet Ceremony |  Upcoming Twist - YouTube

But suddenly their romance got break down as they saw Krish.

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Krish in anger came forward and started beating Omkara

Krish : How dare you touch my Rajni ? Go away from here

Gauri and Om was shocked with this behaviour of Krish .

Gauri : You are taking things wrong , Jeeju.

Krish suddenly stopped beating.

Krish : Jeeju!!! Why are you calling me Jeeju ?

Meanwhile Spandana rushed and came there

Spandana : Krish !!

Krish : Spandana see what this guy was doing. He was misbehaving with Rajni. Rajni is calling me Jeeju. She also ditched me . Her love towards me was not pure. She had bad intentions in her mind and I loved her deeply without knowing her real colours. She is a slander at the name of true love.

YEH PYAR NA HOGA KAM - 16 March 2010 [Courtesy: COLORS] (Episode 57) Part -  1 !!DHQ!! - YouTube

Spandana : Krish!!! Behave yourself. She is not your Rajni. Look at her well. She is Rajni’s sister Gauri. You are her Jeeju .Rajni hasn’t ditched you and she can never thought of cheating you in her dream itself. This is not your Rajni

Krish : Then where is my Rajni ? Tell me where is my Rajni ?

Spandana became silent

Krish : I am asking you where is my Rajni ?

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Spandana : She is no more . She is not alive, for god sake accept this harsh truth . She has went away from you , Krish.

Krish was shocked to bear this truth. Memories revolved over his mind and he felt much pain on his head. He kept his palms on head and screamed : Ah!!!!

Spandana ; Krish !! Krish!!!

Krish suddenly fell down unconscious. Rikara and Spandana got shocked with this .

Omkara :We have to take him to hospital immediately.

At hospital 

All family members from all sides were assembled there.

Tarini : Doctor how is my beta ?

Doctor : Spandana why you tell the truth to him ?

Spandana : Doctor, I am sorry. Situation was like that and I was helpless to tell it.

Doctor ; His condition of brain is very critical now. Now we can say any conclusion only after he gets his consciousness back. How he is going to deal with the reality is the biggest question of risk and life . If it had given an adverse affect on his brain then possibilities of his recovery in mental state is less. But if his brain had understood the fact somehow we can try all ways to bring him back to a normal state.

Spandana was shocked to bear the truth.

Spandana ; This happened because of me only. I am responsible for this . I can’t forgive myself.

YEH PYAR NA HOGA KAM - 16 March 2010 [Courtesy: COLORS] (Episode 57) Part -  3 !!DHQ!! - YouTube

Tarini : Beti

Spandana cried bitterly and hugged Tarini.

Mahendra : We can’t hide it from Krish. Don’t blame yourself for it. Be courageous beti. Your true love towards Krish beta will bring him back. I believe so.


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