Baljeet : Reyansh , what are you saying beta ?

Pranati : Dadi, from that lady only we will get to know truth.

Reyansh ; Already it’s late , we need to go.

Baljeet ; Alright. Hope misunderstandings of Pranati’s parents will be solved from this .

Prayansh goes to meet Maya 

As they entered the home they were surprised to see the wall pics of Pratap with Maya . It was of his young age

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Pranati : Reyansh yeh toh Dad hein. He is so close with this Maya in this pics.

Reyansh : Pranati, relax. We should not make any conclusion in hurry. Let her come

Maya : Yes young people , how can I help you.

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Pranati : Who is with you in this pics ?

Maya : He was my boss Pratap. By the way who are you two ?

Pranati : I am Pranati, Pratap Singh’s one and only daughter .He is my fiancee Reyansh Oberoi

Maya :Pranati!!!

Pranati : Maya Ji we came here to get some answers from you.

Maya : What you both want to know ?

Pranati : Was my dad just a boss in your life ? Or …..

Maya : No, He was not just a boss. He was , he is everything to me . I am obsessed with him.

Reyansh and Pranati gets shocked .

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Shobna ; Aise kaise bhej diya aap ne ? Pranati toh hamare saath aane waali thi ?

Baljeet : They are going to get married and they are in love. They want to spend some time together before Pranati leave this house. How can I refuse them ?

Tej : But Reyansh always informs us and goes .

Baljeet : Haan he has informed me . Is that enough ?

Tej :Why you are getting angry on me, Maa ?

Baljeet : Tej woh….

Jhanvi ; Maaji I knows you very well. You can’t lie

Pratap : Baat kya hein ?

Omkara : Is there any problem ?

Gauri : Dadi say something

Meanwhile Prayansh entered there .

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Omkara : Reyansh, Pranati it’s been over a night you both were missing.

Gauri ; You forgot the fact that you both haven’t married yet. From yesterday afternoon to today morning you both were out of home, out of city.

Tej : I have always given freedom to my children. I always expect that they should value it and won’t misuse it.

Jhanvi : Beta we won’t stop you from any outing , but these much time you both were far from us and didn’t informed us except Maaji. Where you guys were going, . At least that you would have told to your parents.

Reyansh : You all will get to know why we went.

Pranati : Miss Maya Mathur please come infront of every one.

Pratap and Shobna gets shocked to see Maya .

Shobna : What this woman is doing here ? Because of she only my marital life got broken .

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Pratap : Maya !!!

Maya : You haven’t changed Pratap. You looks so handsome even at this age .

I have never been greedy for roles and worked the way I wanted to: Simone  Singh

Pratap : Maya why you are here ?

Maya : Your daughter and his fiancee only bought me here .

Pratap : What ?

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Maya : Pratap, The glimpse of fire which I send to your marital life will do these much impact , I never expected it. Your daughter was telling how painful was her to live from doors to doors and how she missed the care of her parents. Poor girl. Shobna, how are you ?

Shobna : Why you came here ? Why Pranati came to meet you ?

Maya : She was desperate to bring truth. Pratap and I , what’s our relationship ? She put forward this question. Pratap is my crush, my passion . I joined as his P.A not just for work but for also to grab him forever .

All are shocked with this truth.

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