Imlie 12th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Chini Refuses To Marry Jatin

Imlie 12th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Imlie fumes thinking she stole jewelry with great difficulty but had to return it, but she will get it for sure. Rupali offers her keys and she can steal jewelry again as she knows her very well. Chini says if she had found her a rich industrialist instead of Jatin, she wouldn’t have stolen jewelry. Rupali says Chini should value a person who loves her and not money or else her situation would be like hers. Chini asks if Rupali thinks Jatin is right for her and Arto right for Imlie. Rupali says Arto loves Imlie. Chini says she doesn’t know the fact. Imlie walks in and informs that Panditji has found 2 muhuraths for Chini’s wedding, one is tomorrow and another is after a week. Rupali says Chini will marry Jatin tomorrow itself. Imlie leaves to inform family. Chini threatens that she will not marry Jatin. Rupali says she will create problems for her if she doesn’t marry Jatin.

Rudra tells family that they should attend Chini’s wedding as she is Imlie’s sister and they need to develop a cordial relationship. Keya says they shouldn’t attend Chini’s wedding as she is not related to them. Atharva passes by. Rudra informs him about Chini’s marriage. Keya repeats her words. Rudra says they can send shagun then. Atharva says they should as even he wants to follow a cordial relationship with them. He walks away heartbroken thinking his eyes were habituated to watch Chini’s dreams, its important to watch them seeing Chini marrying someone else. Anu walks to Rupali and asks who is she to fix Chini’s marriage. Rupali says she is Chini’s aunt. She says Chini was an innocent 6-year-old kid when she came from Pagdandiya 18 years ago, but Anu turned her cunning and greedy like herself. Anu shouts how dare she is. Rupali says she will not let Chini become like Malini and ruin other’s lives.

Next day, wedding arrangements start at Rathore house. Narmada excitedly takes care of arrangments. Imlie gets Chini ready and praises her beauty. She says Jatin will lose his sense seeing her today. She says she never stayed away from Chini and would missing her. Chini asks her to be practical. Imlie says she has written a poem for her and applies nazar ka teeka behind Chini’s ears. She prays god to give all her happiness to Chini. Chini asks if she really wants to al her happiness. Imlie says yes. Chini asks to give it then. Imlie asks what. Chini says Imlie always says that she has right on everything that belongs to Imlie, even her fate, so she wants Imlie’s fate

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