Imlie 15th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Chini Secretly Meets Atharva

Imlie 15th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Imlie notices Atharva outside her house and thinks he must have come to meet her, but its not good to go out at this time and hence she will go to her room and speak to him. She enters room and notices him leaving. She finds Atharva’s note asking to meet him at a temple tomorrow evening and feels happy thinking its for her. Chini feels happy thinking her fate is clear now, it would be brighter than Imlie after marrying Atharva. On the other side, Devika, Shivani, and Divya select jewelry to gift it to Imlie for her first karva chauth ritual. Keya says even a small chain would be good for Imlie as her dressing style is so down market and this class jewelry is too heavy for her. Devika says a diamond is a diamond whether its wrapped in a cotton or silk cloth. Shivani says Imlie is more precious than this jewelry. Keya says they used to treat her similarly when she got married, but now Imlie is their favorite and she feel being cheated. Shivani says even they thought the brought a daughter home, but.. Devika stops her. Shivani says even they are cheated like her. Atharva passes by. Divya shows him jewelry they selected for Imlie. Atharva thinks everyone are happy, but every confusion will clear in a few hours.

Next morning, Devika with Divya, Keya, and Shivani visit Rathore mansion and gift jewelry to Imlie. Imlie says their blessing was enough for her. Keya murmurs they wasted such a precious jewelry on Imlie. Chini walks in. Imlie asks her to come and check her jewelry. Chini says its her jewelry, so she herself should check it. Imlie says she can give suggestion to match the jewelry with her dresses as she has a better fashion sense. Anu enters and says Imlie should have a sense that Chini’s marriage was cancelled yesterday and she is in tears. Keya says Chini herself canceled that wedding. Chini acting emotional asks Imlie to select her jewelry herself.

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