Imlie 17th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Chini Manipulates Atharva

Imlie 17th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chini returns home and informs Anu that Atharva’s sanskari father would kick him out of the house or Atharva himself will walk out of the house if he marries Chini. She says her future looks bleak while she dreamt of living a queen’s life with super rich Atharva, she needs Atharva’s wealth and not his hard earned money. Anu says she should continue to trap Arto, his parents will be angry on him for sometime and then reaccept him, then Arto’s house and wealth would be Chini’s. Rupali hears their conversation and tongue lashes Anu for misleading Chini and Chini for eyeing on her sister’s love. Chini says truth is Arto loves her and not Imlie. Rupali says she can’t believe that Atharva can betray anyone, he would have informed Imlie about it. Chini says whether she believes it or not, Atharva loves only her. Rupali thinks she should inform Arpita and Sundar about Chini’s evil intentions and find some solution.

Devika checks Rudra’s BP and finds it low. Keya says papaji is already unwell, he will get a shock if he hears that Atharva met Chini and they both expressed their love for each other. Rudra panics. Akash asks him not to worry as he handled Atharva this time and will continue to handle it. Keya says he can have medicine and relax. Devika says Akash has reformed himself. Atharva looks at news paper cutout of Imlie’s poem misunderstanding as written by Chini and thinks his hookline is multitalented. He creates tune for the poem. Imlie draws her and Atharva’s painting recalling their meeting. Chini thinks she will not let Ms Shutlik dream so high, bumps on her purposefully, and acting apologetic spoils it in lieu of cleaning it. Imlie says its okay as Atharva’s name is permanently fixed in his heart.

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