Imlie 1st October 2022 Written Episode Update: Atharva Gives His Approval For Marriage

Imlie 1st October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Imlie runs out of a salon unable to bear her skin burning. She notices Atharva drinking water, snatches bottle from him, and pours water on her face. Atharva asks what happened to her. Imlie says her skin is burning. He gets ice cubes and asks her to apply it. He thinks Imlie was with his hookline, he can’t ask her about his hookline seeing Imlie’s condition, hopes she walks to him. Chini walks to them and asks Imlie why did she run out of salon. Imlie says is burning. Narmada gets angry when Imlie and Cheeni don’t return home on time and says Rudra’s son would be coming any time. Arpita and Sundar ask her to calm down. Narmada says Imlie is a burden on her and she wants to get rid off Imlie.

Chini fumes that a broke DJ Arto ruined her plan again, now Imlie’s skin will be fine again. Imlie thanks Atharva for saving her life again and says Maiya gets her into trouble only when Atharva is around. Chini says broke DJ Arto is stalking him and must have learnt that they are Rathore girls. Atharv recalls Rudra ordering him to visit Rathore mansion and meet their daughter. He thinks his dad fixed his alliance with Chini and their thinking is matching for the first time. Chini continues to insult Atharav. Imlie says they should thank a man who helped her. Rupali calls Chini and asks her to return home soon. They both leave.

Rudra calls Atharva and asks if he reached Rathore mansion. Atharva says he already met the girl and is ready to marry her. Rudra excitedly asks when did he meet the girl. Atharva says one whose strings of heart are twined together, they somehow meet. He asks to fix the wedding soon. Rudra acts as serious and then informs family that Atharav agreed for marriage. Atharva’s cousins congratulate him. Rudra’s younger brother Manish and his wife discuss there would be a tussle between Rudra’s elder and younger bahus, they will gain out of it and get bigger property share. Keya is also surprised and tells Akash that Imlie is Rudra’s choice and if she clears differences between Rudra and Atharav, they would be gone for a task.

Sundar, Arpita, and Rupali get worried seeing Imlie’s skin and scold Chini for taking Imlie to a wrong parlor and think of suing the parlor. Chini jokes that Imlie is blushing before meeting a boy. Imlie calms Arpita and Ruapli down with her poem and says her skin burning cooled off when she poured water on her skin, so they need not worry. Chini takes her in to apply concealer. Rudra eagerly waits for Atharva. Keya still can’t believe that Atharv approved Imlie. Akash says Atharva is doing this to trouble Rudra. Atharva returns home. Devika and Shivani excitedly ask if he really wants to marry and how and when did he meet the girl. He explains that he was on their way when his car broke down and the girl was present there. Devika asks him to accept that he wants to marry or else his dad’s heart will break down.

Atharv walks to Rudra that mom says their thinking differ, but for the first time they think same; the girl is really good, he likes her. Whole family congratulate him. Rudra thanks god and says nobody can reject Imlie. Atharva thinks he wants to know the name of his hookline and can’t ask Rudra as he will get angry. Devika asks Rudra to speak to Imlie’s family and fix alliance. Rudra says let the girl’s family call him. Narmada calls him and informs that his son didn’t visit them. Rudra says Atharva already met Imlie on the way and approved her, so he will bring shagun to her house tomorrow. Narmada notices Sundar passing by and loudly says she is coming to his house tomorrow for engagement. Rudra and his family rejoice hearing that. Sundar asks Narmada how can she fix engagement without Imlie meeting the boy. Narmada says her decision is final.

Arpita applies multani mitti on Imlie’s face and says it will give her some relief. She says Cini is tricking her and always troubles her. Imlie says Chini is her pillar of support and she blindly trusts Chini. Rupali confronts Chini for tricking Imlie and asks what she really wants. Chini says she wants Aryan and Imlie back as they used to consider her as their daughter and blames Imlie that if it wasn’t Imlie’s naming ceremony, accident wouldn’t have happened and they both would have been alive now. She says Imlie is not too sweet and she will make sure she gets her rights from Imlie. Rupali thinks she knows Chini misses Aryan and Imlie the most, but she should realize little Imlie’s goodness.

Arpita tells Imlie that the world is not as good as she thinks. Imlie says she can sacrifice everything for Chini. Sundar informs them that Narmada has called everyone down. Narmada announces that she has fixed engagement tomorrow as Rudra’s son saw Imlie on the way and approved her. Arpita asks how can they approve a boy without seeing him. Sundar shows Atharva’s photo. Chini without seeing pic says Rudra is trying to hide something, so Imlie should reject her son. Imlie stands amazed seeing Atharva’s photo.

Precap: Imlie writes a poem that she is going to start a new chapter of her life with a special person whose thinking matches hers, Atharv. She hears Atharv refusing to marry her. Cheeni looks happy hearing that.

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