Imlie 20th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Cheeni Deserts Imlie In the Crowd

Imlie 20th September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Imlie with teary eyes tells Sundar that she couldn’t convince Narmada in years and feels Narmada’s anger towards her is justified. Sundar says she is right. Imlie asks if he also thinks same. Sundar says Sr Imlie fought with people’s thoughts and never changed, Imlie should learn from her mother and not bother about the world. Imlie with Cheeni performs temple’s pran prathistha and looks at frowning Narmada. Rupali tells Arpita that Narmada should realize that Imlie is more pain than Narmada after losing her parents. Imlie takes Rupali and Arpita’s blessings. Arpita blesses that she should get someone who is loving and caring like her. Imlie says she doesn’t need anyone else when she has a loving family. She calls someone. Atharva is seen playing music as a DJ. He gets a call, ignores it, and gets back to entertain his fans.

Cheeni notices Imlie busy and tries to leave for the concert silently. Rupali asks where is she going. Cheeni lies that she is going to Hanuman temple to pray for Imlie. Rupali asks her to take Imlie along. She calls Imlie and asks her to accompany Cheeni to Hanuman temple. Imlie agrees. She bumps on a Pandit who drops kumkum on her dress Rupali asks her to change her dress and then accompany Cheeni. Cheeni fumes that she is getting late because of Imlie. In car, Imlie keeps window open enjoys a fresh air. Cheeni asks her to close window as air spoilt her hair. Imlie describes how fresh air relaxes her. Cheeni takes her to a concert venue. Imlie says this doesn’t seem to be a devotee line, where is a temple here. Cheeni says its not a temple, her friend forgot her wallet and she dropped here to return wallet. She asks to accompany her. Imlie feels nervous seeing a crowd. Cheeni removes her top revealing her shimmery party dress inside. Imlie asks her to return soon as she is afraid of crowd. Cheeni nods yes and walks in. A girl bumps on Imlie.

Show organizer asks Atharva/Arto why did he have a free concert in the morning when his fans are paying 10000 rs per ticket for his concert. Atharva says he likes a free life and is not bothered about money or else he would have joined his father’s business. His father calls him. He tells his father that he will live a long life filled with only business. Father scolds him and asks why did police arrest him in the morning, his company will incur losses because of him. He reveals that he was released because of his father’s money and not by his fans, so he should return home right now. Atharva feels disheartendd hearing that. Manager asks him to start the concert soon as his fans are waiting. Cheeni’s friends tell her that they will leave if old fashioned Imlie join them. Cheeni says Imlie is afraid of crowd and will not come in. Imlie gets nervous and tries to enter the concert venue. Bouncer stops her seeing her dressing and speaking style. Imlie gives a long lectures on the importance of Hindi. Bouncer lets her in.

Imlie searches for Cheeni and panics seeing the crowd. She recalls Sundar’s advice and recites her written poem. Atharva hears her poem. Imlie feels relaxed and goes in search of Cheeni again. Atharva searches for the girl who recited poem.

Precap: Imlie’s duptta fals on Atharva. Cheeni passes by between Atharva and Cheeni. Atharva removes dupatta and finds Cheeni standing.

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